Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brit Boy and I Smile For the Camera

I am currently working on getting my application for my new visa completed. It is so tedious, but necessary. It is one of those things, that if you are like me, you find yourself thinking of a million other things you have to do instead of completing the forms. (smile) There are so many pages and so much paperwork that you have to add along with the forms, so you can find yourself wrestling with a pile of papers with seemingly no end in sight. But as I said, it is necessary and the reward is that this next visa will allow me to stay here indefinitely.

When I got my first visa, which was a fiancée visa, I also had to handle a mound of papers. When I finally sent those off, the package ended up weighing about two and a half pounds, and it was all just paper! (smile) Then two years ago, I got my first visa to settle here with my husband. And I have had to keep documents to show as evidence that I have been living here at the same address with my husband. This is to make sure that there is no funny business going on.

So at this point I am becoming sort of an expert on immigrating to Britain. (smile) Or maybe a wannabe expert. (laugh) Anyway, I am glad to go through all of this, because in the end it means that I get to stay with my Brit Boy forever. So it is all worth it.

I have started organizing my documentation and later this week, I will fill out my application form. Today’s task was to go into town and get my photo done. I have to have a passport size photo done to put with my application and so does Brit Boy. So after we had dinner, we went into town and found one of those photo booths that you sit inside of and get your picture taken. I had mine done first. The machine gives you three chances and thank goodness, because sometimes no matter how good you try to look, those things can come out weird. (laugh) I had practiced my look in the mirror before we left, although I don’t know if it really helps in the end. But my photo came out good. Brit Boy was next and his came out fine too. So we are set on the photo front.

Now, I just need to pull everything together and finish the countdown to my date in London. The countdown ticker at the bottom of this page reminds me everyday that the day is getting closer and closer. It will be a great milestone in my life.


Anonymous said...

Hi AG,

I'm glad to read that you've finished all your paperwork. And I do hope that you soon get the visa to stay there for ever.

Then you can come and visit me too without any fuss, because UK and the Netherlands are both members of the EEC. You don't need a visa to travel between the countries member of the EEC.

Hey Dori, I was wondering how long you have to travel from your village to London.

I wish you a nice and happy weekend with your Brit Boy and bye for now.
Cheers, my friend.

Dori said...

Hey Deana,

Yeah, I am glad to have my visa paperwork done. So now we just wait for a few more days.(smile) And yes, I can travel freely in Europe and can come to see you. That would be great. From our village it is about an hour by train. You have a great weekend too and I will tell Brit Boy you said hello.