Friday, April 11, 2008

More April Sleet and False Alarm Fridges

Today started off quite sunny earlier and then at about 11am, all of a sudden, I heard a tap tap tapping on the roof. I looked outside and we once again were being treated to April sleet. It was funny how quickly it went from one extreme to another, but I guess that is the weather for you. (smile) Here is a photo of our stone gnome and cat outside as the sleet rained down around them. You can also see my tough tulip still standing strong despite the ice bath it was getting. I love my tulips because they are the first that I have ever grown on my own and I planted them in honor of my mother because she was such a keen gardener. The sleet has melted now.

Brit Boy came home early today. So we were making a bit of lunch/early dinner. We were cooking together, which is something that we both enjoy. Anyway, Brit Boy was going into the refrigerator, back and forth, and I noticed that every time he would close the door, it would thud and sound like it wasn’t shutting. Our refrigerator here is the type that is short and is tucked underneath the counter. So you have to sort of scrunch down to look inside sometimes.

Brit Boy was busily at the stove doing his thing and I was at the counter chopping vegetables. We kept wondering what was going on with the refrigerator so I crouched down and saw that the seal wasn’t sticking when we closed the door. Well, we both kept wondering what was wrong and then decided that we had to call a repairman because the food would spoil. We were getting ready to call the repairman, when Brit Boy saw that we had a big jar sitting in the door that was barring it from closing. We both laughed at the fact that it took us a few minutes to figure this out. We were just glad that it was only a jar in the way and that we didn’t have a repair bill coming to us.


Anonymous said...

Hey Folks,

It sounds familiar to me. But since I know my husband (21 years now) these things don't happen anymore. When our kids were small they had the idea that their father can fix everything that breaks.They grew up with a father that tryed to fix all their toys, which broke off or had a problem.

Not anymore(LOL), they know that not everything is "fixable". Ronald, my husband, is still the "handyman" in the house, but our boys are now 19 and 18 and they now know better.

Warm Regards, and enjoy the weekend.

Dori said...

Yeah, it was pretty funny that we both missed the fact that the refrigerator wasn't broken. It was just a jar. (laugh)