Monday, April 14, 2008

My Weekend

The weekend was nice. I did things that I enjoyed and had another acupuncture treatment for my hip. It was a relatively quiet weekend and those kinds of weekends are treasured by Brit Boy and I, after a couple of years of tough things to go through. So we are so thankful when everything is just uneventful, unless we want it to be eventful.

On Saturday morning, I went into town to have my acupuncture. Brit Boy dropped me off and then came back home to chill for a while. When he drops me off, he lets me out of the car on the back side of the town centre. Then I just walk along a little alley and bam, I am thrust out into the centre of town. There are people going about their business, doing their Saturday shopping and it is just good to people watch. I have lived here for two years now, but I still try to soak up the feeling of this new place as much as I can. And the town centre is different than the village we live in, so it is good to see England in the country and England in the bigger towns. I guess that I am just a bit of a romantic and just love this soaking up a different culture thing. (smile) I used to daydream a lot when I was a little girl, about how people lived in other places, so I guess that now I am getting to see a small part of that.

So I hurried on to my acupuncture appointment. I have been having a flare-up in my hip again these last few days, so I was relieved to go. My hip is feeling much better now. Anyway, I went to Karen’s shop and was greeted by her smiling face. The acupuncturist that I used to see there, has been away for a few weeks, so I saw another acupuncturist this time and the last time. I have been spacing out my visits though to save money and besides I have been feeling much better. Anyway, the new acupuncturist, Ta, always checks my pulse on both arms and looks at my tongue. It all tells her a lot I guess. (smile) So then I go into the treatment room and get on the table and get all needled up. I think that I counted thirty-five this time! (laugh) And once Ta gets all of the needles in, she places a magnetic heat lamp over my hip. When she is adjusting it into place, I am always slightly on edge and am hoping that it doesn’t fall over by mistake and burn me. (laugh) You see, the lamp is placed on top of a footstool to make it the right height for the table and it is perched precariously and wobbles sometimes. But I have been fine in all the time that I have gone there. And I know that Ta and Karen are very helpful and careful, so after an initial case of the jitters, I relax. It was a good session and it was what I needed. I said goodbye to Karen and Ta and went to rendezvous with Brit Boy. I reunited with Brit Boy and we picked up a few things in town. Then it was off back home for us.

The rest of our weekend was mostly watching television. On Saturday and Sunday we watched some of the Masters Golf Tournament. Brit Boy plays golf, but he hasn’t played in a few months and he says that he will teach me. I have a passing interest in golf, so I watch, but also the Masters is in Augusta, Georgia and I am from Georgia, so I watch to see home. The golf course there is just so lush and green and beautiful and the sense of beauty in nature just reminds me of where I grew up. Seeing the azaleas and dogwood trees makes me remember the beauty of our front yard where I grew up. Brit Boy and I would love to go to the Masters one day…we shall see.

Our sporty weekend continued and we watched the London Marathon on Sunday morning and early afternoon. It is always great to watch. I have always secretly wished that I could run a marathon one day. I am not a runner at all, but I love the idea of completing something so demanding. I love that a lot of the runners wear costumes that are hot and heavy, but they do it a lot of the time to highlight a charity they are running for. And then some are running in order to meet a personal goal for themselves. I love it when they stop runners or run along with others and ask why they are running. It is very inspiring. There were Masi warriors also running this year in their full tribal dress and they were amazing. They have been appearing in the media here to highlight their cause. They have come all the way from Tanzania to raise money and awareness about a problem with having clean water in their village. I think that they are amazing! (smile) They are true heroes. Another inspiration was an elderly man who is young at heart. He is 101 and I have seen him on the news here before. He still works and was out there running with everyone else. So I had a thought, even though I have a hip that flares up now and then, I can still run one day like them if I want. First I guess that I should try trotting along or walking/jogging…(laugh). But all of these amazing people in the marathon made me realize that nothing is impossible. Brit Boy and I hope to go next year and cheer everyone on.

It was a great weekend!

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