Monday, May 19, 2008

My Weekend Again

This past weekend was one where we didn’t venture out much, which was a nice change. I like weekends that find Brit Boy and I just hanging around the house...the “Yellow House in England”. (smile) So Saturday Brit Boy and I did venture out for a couple of hours, but only a few streets over to his mother’s house. She was cleaning out her garage and had hired a skip(dumpster) to pile it all into and then it is getting picked up today. Anyway, we went up there for a couple of hours to help her load stuff in. Near the end of the cleanup, I spotted a shelf that had some things still piled on it and saw a skateboard. I asked Brit Boy whose it was since he has a sister and brother also. He perked up when he saw it and said that it was his skateboard. He wiped the dust off and smiled with glee. I almost thought that he was gonna go at it right there and skate down the street. (smile) Awww, my Brit Boy, the skater-boy. (smile) He was so cute. So he brought it home and he says he is gonna shine it up. What a sweet reminder of the joys of when we were kids. (smile)

I didn’t have acupuncture this past Saturday. I am trying to save money and also I am doing pretty well right now. Knock on wood.

After our morning of cleaning and skating down memory lane, we came back home and did our own things. I went upstairs and read, while Brit Boy perched himself on the sofa to watch TV and enjoyed some footie...that's soccer to my American brethren...(smile). He was watching the FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium. It was a huge matchup in the football world...Portsmouth vs Cardiff City. Portsmouth won in the end 1-0. Brit Boy and I went to Wembley in 2007 twice, once to see the England national team and then to attend the Concert for Diana. Both were fun times, even though I am not a big football fan, but I can watch it okay. It was just great to have the experience and to share it with my Brit Boy. The concert was amazing!!! Loved it. We saw some great musical performances and we saw both princes, William and Harry.

Speaking of Royals, while I was upstairs reading, I was leafing through the paper. I read a blurb in the paper about Princess Beatrice getting a position as a personal shopper for VIP clients at a major London retail store. I visited that store among many when we were in London in April....loved it! (smile) A fun and fabulous job for anyone’s gap year I think. Also Princess Anne’s son, Peter Phillips got married to Canadian Autumn Kelly on Saturday at St George’s Chapel at Windsor. Brit Boy and I have been to Windsor Castle and the surrounding town of Windsor a while back. It was a great day out when we went. Anyway, that was my tiny bit of royal watching. (smile)

On Sunday, we had breakfast together and then Brit Boy studied. I went upstairs again and worked on transferring my music and photos to my new green computer. As you may remember from an earlier post, I got a new laptop. Incidentally, this was not because I am a lover of the latest in technology, but simply due to my five year old laptop packing up on me. My old laptop will still turn on and stuff, but it will freeze up on a whim and after a while it just becomes futile to try and use it. So we reluctantly took the plunge and got me another laptop, which I am typing on right now. Anyway, I spent a while sifting through my music and ended up having my very own little dance party. (laugh) I LOVE dance music, so I was dancing around upstairs with my headphones on as I went through all the music I had saved on the old laptop. I also love mostly every other type of music, but I love my dance music.

After a while I came downstairs and made some lunch/dinner. It was good. It was sort of a “clear out the fridge spicy pasta dish” and it turned out to hit just the right spot on both of our palates. For dessert, we had the last two red velvet cupcakes. Why are the last bits of something always the best? (laugh)

So we ended up the day on the sofa together watching a movie, with the sweet aftertaste of cupcakes on our breath.

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