Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Salisbury and Madonna

Today it is cool and breezy here again, but sometimes I really enjoy days like this. It’s a perfect day for a bit of movie watching when I am supposed to be working on my work. (wink) Today is a work day and yesterday was a day for an outing with Brit Boy. Well, I was accompanying Brit Boy to Salisbury. He had to see a client. Before he went to his meeting, we got sandwiches and had lunch on a bench along the lawn of Salisbury Cathedral. I love the cathedral. Back in December, Brit Boy and I went to a carol service there. It was magical. The voices of the choir echoed around the sanctuary. Here is our wonderful view as we had lunch with the cathedral as our majestic scenery.

After that, Brit Boy left me for a while while he had his meeting, so I walked around Salisbury and window shopped. I love all of the shops there...a nice mix of department stores and many independent shops. I did purchase a couple of things. I walked around a discounted book shop and found a couple of books that I wanted to re-read. I got “Great Expectations” and “Dracula”. I read them when I was in school, but I must admit that I only halfway read them back then. So now I hope to give them my fuller attention this time around. After I walked around a while, I found myself drawn back to the serenity of the space surrounding the cathedral. So I went and sat down again on a bench there. This time, even though Brit Boy was not there, I still had company. Three feathered friends walked right up to me to say hello.

Soon Brit Boy was texting me and we met up again. We drove home through the lovely Wiltshire countryside. It is gorgeous. There are miles of hills and fields that look like great swathes of green and yellow. The green is everywhere and the yellow is made by a plant that is grown in abundance out here. It is called rapeseed and has a variety of uses. It is so golden in the distance. Here is a photo.

Later, back home, Brit Boy and I were sitting on the sofa. I was watching television and he was on his laptop. I leaned over and he was looking at upcoming concerts and things. We looked at the list and we both said the same thing. “Ooh, I sure wish we could go and see that and that and that.” We are so turning into ‘gig-a-holics’. (laugh) We are trying to break our habit, but we couldn’t resist an opportunity to go see Madonna since neither one of us have seen her and she is on our list of people to see at some point. I have always liked her. Plus, she is also an expat girl like me, with a home here in Wiltshire, so it is the neighborly thing to do in going to see her in concert. (smile) So our poor overworked credit card came out and we got tickets to see Madonna in Cardiff, Wales in August. We are both so excited! I have wanted to go to Wales, so here is a great opportunity. Brit Boy has been there once for football. Brit Boy and I don’t have a lot of money, just like a lot of other people, but we figure that life is to be lived while you can. Carpe diem and all of that. (smile) So on to the next adventure!


Margaret said...

I've enjoyed reading about your life as an expat. I'm a Georgia girl who will be moving to the UK in September for graduate studies. I'm looking forward to the expat experience and your blog helps to put some of it in perspective.

Dori said...


Thank you so so much for your comment. I am glad that my experiences have shed some light on a bit of the UK for you. Hey, us Georgia girls have to stick together. (smile) I am so glad that you are enjoying my blog. I told Brit Boy that one of my hopes was that maybe my blog could give anyone who is considering an expat life, one view of what it is like. So you have really made my day Margaret. I wish you so much good luck in your own expat experience and much success with your graduate studies.

Dori :-)

I am Jenn said...

Madonna? I AM quite jealous :P

I have just started reading your blog, and I cant wait to dive into it further. Thank you for taking the time to notice mine.

Dori said...

Hey thanks Jenn,

Yeah, I have always wanted to see Madonna and now have finally got the chance. (smile) I will definitely share here how it turned out. I am interested to see what Wales is like too. And I do love your blog and it is completely my pleasure to read it. I love your insight. (smile) Thanks to you also for stopping by my blog. It means so much to me. Have a wonderful day.


Sarah said...

This post reminds me of Ireland a bit. I love the unique architecture in Europe, like with the cathedral you photographed. They do radiate serenity in their classic design. And the rapeseed... there were fields full of it in May in Ireland. It was lovely. I think they also had bushes with yellow flowers called gorse, if I remember right. They were also lovely and had an indescribably sweet scent, but also thorns.

Dori said...

Yes there is some beautiful architecture around. It inspires so much. You're right, there's rapeseed and gorse :)