Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Notes From My Sickbed

I have been sick for the last few days. I have spent most of my time in bed. Thankfully though, I picked the best weekend to be sick because the weather has been awful. It has rained heavily and the wind has been wild!!! On my first night of being sick, I couldn’t sleep well, so I tossed and turned. Outside I heard the wind blowing fiercely and I wondered if our house’s roof would last the night. (smile) Today the wind has calmed a lot though. And amazingly enough, as the weather has calmed, so has my sickness.

I had a bad sore throat and congestion and it was making me feverish and I just felt awful. So I retired to my comfy little bed that I share with Brit Boy and waited it out whilst I pumped myself full of medication and got some rest. Here is a photo of my cocoon for the last few days.

Still, even though I was stuck in bed, I still kept myself occupied whilst I got better. On Saturday, I read some magazines until I got a bit dizzy and had to put them away. I really felt horrible that day and was forced to just kind of really relax and do nothing but try to sleep. I ended up not sleeping much at all Saturday night.

On Sunday, I spent the day in bed again. I watch a few movies, one after another on this one channel. I watched one called “These Old Broads” with Shirley MacLaine and Elizabeth Taylor. Then I watched “Marooned” which was a space exploration film and I rounded it off with “Sinbad” which was a great bit of fantasy for a Sunday. After that, cricket started, but by this time I was nodding off to sleep. The match was between England and New Zealand, I do remember. I only slept for a bit. Then I woke up to see this updated and re-imagined version of “The Wizard of Oz” called “Tin Man”. Brit Boy came upstairs and joined me and we watched this together. We had watched the other parts of the story the past two Sundays and this was the final one. It was really beautifully done...so imaginative. After “Tin Man” was over, I read some. Then it was lights out. I needed to get some real sleep after not sleeping well the night before.

Monday was the Bank Holiday here and it was Memorial Day back home, both days off from work for many people, and a day of remembrance back home. Both days are also unofficial beginnings of summer. However, I was still not feeling good, so I gave a pass to both days from the comfort of bed. (smile) And anyway, it was grey and dreary outside, so there was no point in going anywhere to do anything. Like I told Brit Boy, it was a perfect day to be stuck in bed and to be sick.

By the way, Brit Boy spent the weekend studying and chilling out on the sofa. And when I called on him, he was a wonderful nurse, just like I am for him when he is sick. (smile) Brit Boy took a trip up to the High Street to get me a few remedies and to get us a few things to eat. There wasn’t much open, but the grocery store was all we needed and it was open. He said that no one was around when he was up there. He enjoyed having the store mostly to himself. (smile) I had asked him to see if they had any sorbet at the grocery store and thankfully they had some. I figured that it would soothe my throat.

So later in the afternoon, we watched “The Manchurian Candidate” starring Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep on DVD and I had a bit of mango sorbet to cool down my throat. It was a great sick day...complete with mango sorbet, a great movie and my Brit Boy. Oh, by the way, today I am feeling much better and we ventured into town. (smile)Brit Boy had the day off and has tomorrow off too, so we are going to enjoy some days together without anyone being sick.

One additional note, I have added a couple of new tickers to the bottom of the page to chart how long Brit Boy and I have to wait until we go to the Nelson Mandela birthday concert and the Madonna concert. So those tickers now join the one for Wimbledon. Brit Boy and I are so honored that we will be seeing the great Nelson Mandela. We can't quite believe that. (smile)I will certainly share all of my experiences and photos from all three events here, in the weeks to come.

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