Friday, May 23, 2008

Garden Life

Today Brit Boy and I got up early to get the grass cut and to trim back some bushes. We are expecting some rain here this weekend, so we figured that it might be our best day to get it done. We had cut the grass not that long ago, but with all of the rain, it has grown again like a jungle. (smile) So we figured that before the wildlife decides to take over, that we would get out there. It wasn't such a hard job this time though, since it has been done recently. Brit Boy mowed the grass whilst I cut back the bushes and pulled weeds. We only have a small patch of grass out front and a larger patch out back, but it can get kind of crazy sometimes. (smile) I cut back the bushes extra close, away from our shared walkway with our neighbor, Mrs. Doodah. We find that it makes for a calmer life.

In the back yard, we did like we did out front. Brit Boy mowed, while I trimmed bushes and pulled weeds. In the back yard, or garden as they call it here, we have wooden fences on either side. The one on the left is the one that we share with Mrs. Doodah and it is hers. The one on the right we share with the other neighbors, and this one is ours. So we keep our patch of Wiltshire tidy as we can and relish our little corner of the world. (smile)

My lovely tulips that I planted last December, bloomed this past month and they were glorious and now they have faded. So I am really hankering for some more color out there. Hopefully I can find something else to stick in the pot out there when we go into town. The rose bushes are all budding out now too. So that will be beautiful. I love roses! The first yellow rose has opened and it is gorgeous. I have a soft spot in my heart for yellow roses. They were my mom's favorite. They make me think of her. (smile) When she passed away, I remembered that and I made sure that we had them for her at the funeral.

As I mentioned the other day, I have been in the process of moving files from my old laptop to this one. I have moved all of my music and I am now going through my photos. I was looking through to see what I have and I found photos of my mom walking around the yard back home, and she was explaining to me what was what. She loved to walk around and show what she had growing and I loved to snap pictures, especially of her. She was a good sport about it. As I have written before, she could grow something out of a twig. (smile) She was a fabulous Southern lady who loved her plants. I also have lots of photos of her various flowers and plants, so it is like having her legacy right here with me, even though I am not in Georgia now. Plants and the outdoors always make me feel in touch with life and it gives me a wonderful reminder of my mom. (smile)

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