Thursday, July 17, 2008

Herbal Treatment

Since I have finished taking my acupuncture treatments for the foreseeable future, I am now trying to finish off the herbal part of my treatment. While I was having the acupuncture, over the last year, I was also given some Chinese herbs to take. When I first started off with the treatments, I was taking a strong, bitter tea. Each time that I visited Karen’s shop, she would give me several bags of herbs that I had to brew for a while and then strain and then drink, twice a day. The herbs were in very organic form and were in a mixture of leaves and barks. But I was game because I had so much pain. I bought a cheap pot especially for the brewing because I figured that once I brewed the herbs, the smell would last in the pot forever. (smile) I was right. The smell was very, very strong and the taste was even stronger. But I persisted. This went on for a while and it really did help me.

Then I switched to the supplement form of the herbs, which worked out to be cheaper and did the same thing. And I have to say, as I have said before, I can’t say how acupuncture and/or herbs will work for everyone, but they did work for me. I think in the end, that the herbs and acupuncture worked well in conjunction with my physical therapy and now I am nearly 100% better.

I realized the other day that I still have some supplements that I have to finish, so I have started back taking them to finish off my treatment since these are the last ones I was given. I used to be a bad girl sometimes and skip them, so that is why I have some left over. (smile) Karen would be proud of me for following through.

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