Monday, July 14, 2008

The Weekend and Scary Fun

This past weekend was beautifully normal and quiet, which was good. It is great to get a breather sometimes. On Saturday, I went into town to have my last acupuncture appointment for a while. My back has been steadily improving, so I am going to stop the appointments for now. I am feeling pretty great. Also we need to cut back on things financially, especially since we are trying to rebound from our addiction to concerts. (laugh) I am doing fine though, so it’s all good.

I realized that it was nearly a year to the day that I first started on my journey with acupuncture. The first day that I walked in there, I was hardly walking at all. Brit Boy and I had a car accident at the end of 2006 and I was increasingly walking slower and slower, with lots of pain. I sought out traditional treatments also, but it took me a while to get in to see someone sadly, so things sort of deteriorated quickly. Thankfully I finally got in to see a physical therapist and I saw a chiropractor for a while. I was in the middle of my waiting around to be seen by someone and just happened to be peering into the window of the acupuncture shop. Karen approached me and I must say, I am grateful that she did. I shuffled into her shop a year ago, with not much hope that I would ever be myself again, and on this past Saturday, I walked out of there with a stronger back, a stronger spirit, a stronger body, and a new friend. I will definitely be dropping by there every time I am in town. As an expat you learn that you have to pull in every opportunity for friendship with open arms. (smile) I told her that I will drop by and pick up some advice from her on taking care of myself, so she will still see my face around there.

Karen didn’t do the actual placing of the needles, because Ta did that, but Karen offered a valuable piece of the healing too. She offered me the kind words that I craved when I was having such bouts of loneliness here, coupled with physical pain, and the only person I knew here was my Brit Boy. We shared stories of what life is like when you are trying to make a life in a new country. And sometimes, she was just a knowledgeable friend who helped me forget my worries. When I left her shop on Saturday, I hugged her. It felt so natural and she hugged me back. It wasn’t a shop owner and a patron hugging, it was simply two friends being friends. (smile)

After I left Karen’s acupuncture shop and found Brit Boy, we did our errands. They were having an Italian Market this weekend. A few months ago, they had a French Market where I sampled the French prawnies, but this time I didn’t get anything. The weather was a lot better for this market in comparison to the French one. During the French Market, it was freezing cold, but during the market on Saturday the weather was okay. I love these markets though, because they bring a bit of the tastes of continental Europe to our neck of the woods and it brings nice variety.

As we traveled home from town later, we came the back way home and it takes us through some of the most beautiful Wiltshire countryside. We could see that there was a storm brewing and it seemed to be following us home to our little village. I looked off into the distance, across the valley and I saw a huge black cloud hanging over town. It was an awesome sight to see the rain coming down back where we had come from, miles away, and we were riding along in partial sunshine. It was one of those beautiful nature moments that I love. The minute that we walked into our house, the rain did eventually find us too. (smile)

One of my favorite things to do on a rainy weekend afternoon, is to watch old movies. I grew up watching these and they still always satisfy. I love modern movies too, but there is just something about a movie from times gone by. Brit Boy was on the computer, so I had movie time to myself. I watched “High Society” with Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly, and Bing Crosby. It was great. Grace Kelly had a fabulous wardrobe in that film…classic. Then I watched “The Last Time I Saw Paris” with Van Johnson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Donna Reed. I loved the fashions in this one too and it was set in Paris, so it definitely satisfied. Elizabeth Taylor was ravishing in this movie. She was at her absolute beauty peak in this movie. She looked beautiful in every outfit, but my favorite was her in this beautiful jet black gown. Her hair was cut short into a pixie cut at this point in the movie and she wore these beautiful diamond earrings. The sparkle of the earrings next to her jet black hair, all together with her gown, just made for a striking image. After all of the talk of fashion, I have to say, the movie was actually a very emotional one, with problems of drinking, marital problems, and jealousy. I really enjoyed both movies. It made for a wonderful afternoon.

On Sunday, I watched “The Bat” which was a great spooky movie starring Vincent Price. He was one of my favorites. I absolutely love spooky movies, so he is “the man” of horror for me and I’m sure many others. (smile) This movie was very campy, but I love a good helping of campiness every once in a while. It makes me think that it was probably a great movie to see during the era of drive-in movies. Love that Vincent Price! (smile) Some of my best Friday night movie nights are all owed to him.


Finally Woken said...

Hi, I'm back:).

As an Asian I believe in acupuncture treatments, but so far I do it to loose weight, LOL. I didn't realise how powerful the needles are, and they even could help you to be stronger. Well done, you must have improved a lot and be proud of yourself.

I read the part the as an expat we have to embrace a friendship with open arms, and I get that. That is very true. We can't be as picky as we used to be, and we have to learn to adjust and to adapt. This is something people who are not in our shoes can relate. They always hear nice things being expats, like lots of money and travel. They don't know it can be lonely. You're lucky you get a friend :).

I'm still amazed by the pictures you posted. I want to go back to Wiltshire and wander around the area more. I have a good excuse, my friend is delivering her second baby this August, so I could plan to come down and visit her again.

Great post, Dori. And it's nice to know you. Have a wonderful weekend!

Dori said...

Thanks for coming back Finally Woken. Yeah, I have found that acupuncture has been very beneficial to me. I also was very fond of the cupping technique. When I first started the cupping, it was kind of uncomfortable due to my injuries, but after a couple of those treatments it got a lot easier and I just adored it. (smile) Hey, I need to try the weight loss like you. LOL. Yeah,the needles have been a great help for me.

You totally got what I was saying about being an expat and not squandering the chance to make friends. It is so true what you said about not being able to be as picky anymore. And I can certainly attest to the loneliness thing. You are right that people who aren't in our place think of all the "fun" of expat life, but I have friends who think I am on holiday or something. But it is day to day life going on for us. (smile) There are many pluses to an expat life, but loneliness is a part of it sometimes too.

I'm so glad you liked my pictures. I am going to add some more soon. I have been transferring pics from my old laptop, so once I get that all organized, I am going to freshen up my pics here. So I hope that you can come back to see some of them. And I hope that you do get the chance to come back to Wiltshire and spend time with your friend. If she is the one that lives near Bath, you will have wonderful places to wander. Bath is gorgeous and the surrounding hills are amazing.

It is nice to know you too and I will definitely be visiting your blog again. You are great and I am so glad you liked my post and could relate. You have a wonderful weekend too!

Your fellow expat,

Finally Woken said...

Hi I actually went to Bath and wandered around (with bus tour) for half day. I fell in love with the city, it's so gorgeous. Yes please, more pictures! :)

Hope you don't mind I link you in my blogroll. Cheers!

Dori said...

Hi Finally Woken,
Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. And I don't mind at all, I think it's great and I am so grateful that you added me. I love your blog and your writing so I will be definitely visiting you a lot. I will also be adding you to my blogroll. I am new to blogging so you will be my first one. :-)

Bath is gorgeous and I would love to spend more time there. My hubby went to university there, so he has fond memories of it. I do have some photos of Bath that I will be sharing soon. I have to get them a bit organized. :-) Talk to you later!


Te$an said...

hello....I'm impres....I like ur oppinion and ur contrast betwin 2 lifes....It's really amazing... take care of you!

Dori said...

Hi Te$an,

Thanks for your very kind words about my blog. I'm glad that you enjoy my chronicling of my life here and how it relates to my life back home. It has been fun to write about.(smile)All the best to you and take care of you too!

Dori :-)