Monday, July 28, 2008

The Last Lecture

I just wanted to mention the passing of a truly great guy who inspired me and many others around the world. Randy Pausch was a university professor who found out that he had cancer and had only a short time to live and decided to give his last lecture. It is a thing that is batted around within the academic community where professors are asked if they could give their last lecture, what would they say. So Randy Pausch took this challenge on when he found out that he was terminally ill, as his last lecture, but also as a way to remind us all how brief life is and that we should enjoy life while we are here. I have heard him say that he especially wanted to do this last lecture for his three young children.

His words have helped me and I would urge those who haven’t viewed his last lecture, to maybe take a look. Sometimes a gentle reminder of the fragility of life is all that I need to kick me in the rear and fix my perspective on things. So I thank him and all the others who have tried to light the way for us all. We lose special people every day in this world and Friday we lost another one. But he left a great legacy behind.


Anonymous said...

Randy's lectures have left lasting impressions on so many people. His fantastic message should really be heard by everyone, around the world. It's that kind of attitude that makes a difference, rather than the stubborn and closed up attitudes that so many adopt these days.

Well said.

Dori said...

Hello Stefan,

You are so right about Randy. His message definitely needs to be heard. As you said, it can open some minds up out there. I am so glad that he left such great lessons for us all.

Thanks for commenting.