Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stevie and Memories of the Rain

Things have calmed down a bit since our trip to London for Wimbledon and the Nelson Mandela birthday concert, but there’s always fun around the corner. (smile) We have another event to add to our calendar for 2008. As I have written about before , we are going to see Madonna in Cardiff on August 23rd. Well Brit Boy and I can’t stop it seems, just yet. We are having to cut back like everyone out there, but we had to get one more event in for this year and then it is cold turkey withdrawal for “gig heads” like us. (laugh) We found out that Stevie Wonder is touring again and he is coming to the UK! He is Brit Boy’s favorite singer and he is a great, great favorite of mine, so we simply couldn’t pass up the chance to see this living legend in person. We often sit around and go through our list of who we have seen and who we still want to see perform. I told Brit Boy that we should write down our list to keep it all straight. (smile)

Anyway, we are going to see Stevie Wonder in London in September. We will go up for the concert and then come right back. And then we have promised ourselves that we are keeping our gig tendencies under control for a while. (smile) But we are just so, so excited! We have been really lucky to see so many wonderful performers in the last couple of years…from new artists to bonafide legends. So I will certainly share our experience of the concert here in my blog. We can’t wait for the show.

Yesterday I went out with Brit Boy while he went to see a client. He likes to have me come along for the ride. We had quite a distance to go yesterday…far into the Wiltshire countryside, to a sweet little town called Mere. It’s a lovely little place with cozy houses that are centuries old. The ride down that way of the world is always great. Yesterday though, we drove down there through continuous rain and it never let up. Here is a photo of the rainy weather that we traveled through.

Brit Boy remarked that it reminded him of our drive down that way about four years ago. Back then, we were on our way to Stourhead, which is the lovely place where Brit Boy proposed to me, on a sweet little footbridge. Stourhead is a huge country estate that is part of the National Trust. The National Trust is entrusted with caring for and preserving places like this and Stourhead is just gorgeous. To give you an idea of how picturesque it is, when we were there, they were filming the latest big screen version of Pride and Prejudice. It’s a very romantic setting.So anyway, on the day that we were driving down there, it was pouring down rain and then the rain was also coming at us sideways. (laugh) It was absolutely drenching, but it didn’t rain when we got there that day. So it turned out beautiful on the day we were engaged.

Yesterday, it certainly brought back memories for us. However this time, the rain never let up. It seems that July is going to be a wet month. But we are counting our blessings because the rain stayed away when we were at Wimbledon and at the Mandela concert. It couldn’t have turned out better.


Finally Woken said...

Hi, stumble upon this blog from You're very lucky, able to see many concert, almost none of them want to stop by in Aberdeen, Scotland, where I reside now.

Have been to Wiltshire (Marlborough & Bath) to visit a friend, a lovely area, it looks like alive painting!


Dori said...

Hello Finally Woken,
Thanks for the comment. I'm so glad you visited my blog. I went to yours and I like it a lot. I can relate to you as an expat trying to fit in. I will definitely be visiting your blog again.

I have been lucky, as you said, to get to all of these concerts lately. It has been great. I hope that some of them will come to you in Aberdeen soon.

Yes, I agree, Wiltshire is so beautiful and picturesque. I like Marlborough a lot and I love Bath. Bath is my favorite place I think. It is so beautiful. The neighboring counties of Somerset and Hampshire are lovely too. All the best to you my fellow expat.