Sunday, August 24, 2008

Madonna's Opening Night

The Madonna concert was fantastic. She definitely proved that she can still perform with boundless energy, at whatever age she is. Brit Boy and I both said that we would love to have as much energy as she does and we are quite a few years younger than her. After witnessing Madonna do her thing and seeing the end of the Olympics, I feel the need to jump on a treadmill somewhere. (smile)

Much has been made about her turning fifty the Saturday before this, but she thoroughly made that a non-issue as she jumped rope, did a pole dance, and writhed around on stage as she has for years. And the girl can dance! (smile)
Madonna didn’t disappoint and was every bit as dynamic as I thought she would be. Here’s a woman who is a true performer and a definite pro. I have always liked her music and I have witnessed for myself just how amazingly she puts on a show. It is really something to see.

She came out to her song “Candy Store” and was sitting on a throne. What an entrance. A highlight was the bit when the fancy car was driven onstage and a party broke out. I don’t want to tell too much so that I won’t ruin it for those who are attending later. But it was fabulous. She did reworked versions of some of her past hits and she played guitar at some points.

All in all, it was a full circle moment for Brit Boy and me. We were teens in the 80s and Madonna and Prince were big idols then, so to come around and see both of them as adults is a great treat. And the great thing is that both Madonna and Prince are still doing their things and they just show me that great work goes on and lasts.


Mharms said...

WOW! I bet that was a great concert.did get to take some pics?

Anonymous said...

good at what yare doiage doesn't matter and that is the main thing to enjoy it. I would love to take up singing again when I get the chance, not to make money but because I love singing. Glad you had a great time.

The Silver Age Sara said...

Oh, thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I'm such a huge Madonna fan and I felt as if I were a part of the concert. I'm glad you got to have the experience and enjoyed it so much.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Glad to hear she's still got it.

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that the concert was great - but I didn't expect anything less!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! You had a great time. :-)

Madonna is a TRUE performer. You're right - she sort of has you looking for a treadmill or something because she's so fit. Hopefully I can be as neat and trim at her age.

Dori said...

It was a great concert and Madonna is a great performer. I didn't get any pics though. They barred cameras. Sorry :-)

I am with you, age doesn't matter like I have been saying before. She is awesome and obviously loves what she does. It's great that you are a singer. I wish that I could sing, but I sing, only not so great. :-) I play the flute though, so I guess that is my musical talent.

Mountain Woman,
It was an amazing show. She just made me proud, if that makes any sense. I have always loved her tenacity and energy for her life. Incidentally, she has a house here in Wiltshire, so I had to cheer for my fellow expat in Wiltshire. :-)

Yep, she's still got it. She just simply inspired me.

I'm like you, I went in expecting the very best from her and she didn't disappoint. I waited a long time to see her and Prince and they were both well worth the wait. It was a full circle moment.

Yes, yes, yes she is a true performer. She knows her stuff. The show was so varied. She used video along with the show that had Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Timbaland, and others doing their parts in her songs. During one section, where she did "Like A Prayer", she had a video montage of great spiritual teachers and their writings flying around the screen in the background. It was brilliant. And she is fantastically fit. Wow. She never stopped moving. I am so glad that I got the chance to experience Madonna in full and in person!

Thanks to you all for coming back to read and for commenting. All the best.

Dori :-)

Elizabeth Harper said...

I thought about you two and wondered how the concert went.

Madonna looked great in the pictures I saw. So glad you had a good time.

Having seen her before, I knew it would be a stellar performance.

I just love how 50 doesn't have to be old anymore!

Dori said...

Yes, Madonna was fabulous!! I was wowed. And yeah, 50 is definitely just a number. She rocks! :-)

Anonymous said...

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