Monday, August 25, 2008

Trevor's Celebration and Holiday Pie

Yesterday, we all waved goodbye to the summer Olympics for another four years. As I wrote at the beginning of the Games, Brit Boy and I were cheering for two teams in our house and our family mascot Trevor was cheering along with us. In the end, the divided loyalties meshed and all together we were proud of both of our home teams. And overall, we caught the Olympic spirit and were proud of all of those from around the world who competed. There were so many athletes that I found myself cheering for, just for the strength and drive that they showed and it didn’t matter where they were from. I was cheering for Usain Bolt from Jamaica, as he broke the world record and just loved his enthusiasm. My heart went out to Liu Xiang, the Chinese athlete who was unable to compete due to an injury and he wanted so much to compete in front of his home crowd. I just love that all of these athletes from everywhere had the opportunity to compete.

Back on the home front, Brit Boy and I watched the Closing Ceremony and the handoff to London for the Games here in England in four years. Trevor, our mascot and dear robot friend, decided to hold his own little party to close things off nicely. Here’s a photo of Trevor with his multiple flags…isn’t he a proud one. (smile)

And he blew up the balloons all by himself. Brit Boy and I showered him with a bit of confetti, so he was a happy boy.

Today, here in the UK, we have been having Bank Holiday. A bank holiday, for those who don’t know, is a public holiday that is held here at different times of the year, sort of like Labor Day in the US. Brit Boy and I have been enjoying a day together and we even did some more baking today. This time instead of turning a cookie recipe into a cupcake recipe, we went another route and baked a pie. Although this time we changed one of the ingredients in the pie, so our changeable baking is still alive and well. (smile) The recipe was for a strawberry and rhubarb pie, but we can’t find rhubarb in the store anymore, so I thought we would try substituting raspberries.

Well it turned out great and we are really doing well with this “design your own recipe thing”. (smile) We were so anxious to taste it that we ate some of it first and then we had dinner. This is also becoming a tradition with us sometimes. We both think that we read somewhere once that eating in this order helps you digest or metabolize better or something like that. Who knows? But it sure is fun to eat that way sometimes. (laugh) Here’s a photo of our pie after we had our pieces and it has a few nips out of the crust here and there. We had to sample it to make sure it was okay. (wink)

So we have had a fun day, with our tasty pie and our celebratory robot.


Elizabeth Harper said...

The pie looks scrummy!

I love dessert first. Okay, I just love dessert.

Any problems converting measurements for cooking there?

Unknown said...

I love Trevor and his dual alligence (sp) it's late. And the pie looks scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

At university I knew a lot of people who always had dessert first, very serious about it they were too. This was how it was to be done!

That pie looks wonderful...

Dori said...

You are on the same page with me and Brit Boy...we love dessert too! :-) I'm glad you liked the look of our pie. I did have some problems converting the measurements when I first got here, but now I do okay with it. I have a Paula Deen southern cooking cookbook and it has a conversion chart in the back that I use and then sometimes I just guess-stimate if I have to. I am getting like my mom now I think and I just eyeball it. :-)

Yes, Trevor is quite a character and he has informed us that he wants equal time on my blog, so he will probably show up again. lol. I'm glad you liked the look of our pie. I would love to trade a piece for those yummy grits your son was eating on your blog. :-)He is so cute.

Now Brit Boy and I can say we have fellow dessert-first-eaters who are scholars in our movement. :-) Our pie did turn out great. Brit Boy took some to work and I will say that I don't know if it will last too much past today. lol. Thanks for sharing that and for stopping by.

Dori :-)

The Silver Age Sara said...

That pie looks yummy! Wish I could have some.

TrishaRitchieNC said...

I miss the Olympics already! Love the pie!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, man. Could I go for pie right now, or WHAT. Wow.

Sounds like you had a lovely day off. I am envious -- but two more days, and then I am free again as my children go get educated. I can't wait!

Dori said...

Mountain Woman,
Yeah the pie turned out good. We are thinking of starting a tradition of baking a pie of the month. :-)

Brit Boy and I had a bit of Olympics withdrawal too, so we baked the pie to soothe our nerves. :-)

I hear ya. We only have two pieces left and we are already thinking about the next pie. lol. And hey, enjoy your freedom that you have coming up! :-)

CharmaineZoe said...

Thanks for dropping in! Hope you had a nice BH. Your pie looks scrummy, I hope you had some nice English custard to go with it (Bird's is best):-)

Dori said...

Hi there. I hope that you had a good Bank Holiday.Ours was good and it was made better by our pie. :-) I usually eat the pie on its own, but I did have a bit of vanilla ice cream on top of it on one of my dives into it. Brit Boy had whipped cream. It's all gone now though... :-( I guess we'll just have to make another one sometime soon. :-) Thanks for stopping by!


Mharms said...

helo dori..trevor is cute :)
the pie looks yummy too

Dori said...

Hey Marlyms,
I will tell Trevor that you said he was cute. Have a great weekend!

Dori :)