Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympics 2008 & Two Teams In Our House

Brit Boy and I, like many around the world, were absolutely amazed by the Opening Ceremony at the Olympics in Beijing. The visual imagery was astounding to see. We were very impressed by the beauty of it. I also always like the parade of nations and you get to see all of these athletes who have worked so hard to get to the biggest sporting stage in the world. I can’t imagine the pride that they must feel to be able to compete and do their best alongside the rest of the world. Sadly, there always seems to be strife going on in the world, but for that one moment, a great chunk of the world is on the same page. I love getting that glimpse of what the world could be.

So now that the pageantry of the opening is done, Brit Boy and I are good naturedly cheering for our own national teams. It’s a funny thing about living in a house with two nationalities. Just by us coming together and marrying, we have forever linked ourselves regardless of our backgrounds. So we live our lives as just us. We both feel a divided loyalty and it works for us. (smile) However, just to rib each other, we take up the flag of our teams during the Olympics. It’s all in fun.

I gave Brit Boy some robots for Christmas and the main one has been dubbed Trevor… or Trev for short. He is our family mascot of sorts. But poor Trev has to parade the flag for both sides. He’s so loyal to us both. (laugh) Here’s Trev with the England flag and the Union Jack for Great Britain as a whole.

And then here he is with the American flag.

And then little Trev is showing his divided loyalty proudly with all of the flags. He’s such a team player.

So we support two teams in our house, but mostly we just enjoy the world all playing nice together and giving us all something to cheer about.


Anonymous said...

It is the same in our house, we need to get a flag waving robot too.

Mharms said...

hahaha..same here in the house also..did u see the swimming relay?boy it was breathtaking

The Silver Age Sara said...

I loved Trevor!

There is an award for your blog over on mine.

Dori said...

Mik, yeah a flag-waving robot is an essential...LOL...actually Trevor runs the house.

Marlyms, I did see the swimming relay. It was amazing! I am just camping out watching it all.

Mountain Woman, yes, Trevor is a star. Of course now he wants a medal or something himself...LOL. He is such a diva!

Thanks to you all for stopping by. I will be visiting you all again soon for sure. I love reading your blogs!

Dori :-)

Anonymous said...

Haha, that last picture's funny ^_^

Dori said...

I laughed at that picture too. You should have seen Trev walking at full speed with flags falling all around his feet. LOL. Brit Boy and I had a good time with him that day.

Anonymous said...

That is funny. My Son is half Greek and half Turkish from my ex husband's side so that will be fun in the future lol.

Dori said...

I'm glad that I could make you laugh.(smile)Yeah, Brit Boy and I have laughs a lot with Trev. lol. Thanks for stopping by.