Thursday, August 07, 2008

One Year Ago Today

I was just thinking today about where I was one year ago this very day. Brit Boy and I were having a wonderful day. We were in London and were staying the night at the lovely Hotel Novotel in Greenwich. We had decided to stay in London instead of having to travel all the way back home so late. We were in London to see Prince perform at the O2. He was doing a series called "21 Nights in London". He was amazing!!! I have been a Prince fan for so many years and Brit Boy loves him too. He is a part of the soundtrack of our preteen and teenage years. (smile) So we both were on our feet throughout the whole concert and I was singing along with Prince and the other thousands of fans at the top of our lungs.

There were two guys in front of us who were really enjoying it too. The one guy directly in front of me would turn around and point at me and sing along. And I of course had to reciprocate and sing along back at him. Then Brit Boy and I would danced together. So it was a WONDERFUL time!!! I love it when the whole crowd is vibing together and vibing with the artist onstage and it is all just a big party. Those are the moments in life to be enjoyed...when we drop all the other stuff and just let go.

Prince is and always will be my favorite musician. He did not disappoint. When he would launch into yet another hit, it made me realize just how much great stuff he has put out there. And he was so good that time that Brit Boy and I had to keep contributing to our gig addiction and go see him one more time in September as his 21dates were winding down. And Prince didn't really duplicate what he sang the first time. He has been very prolific. It was all worth it to see him one more time. He was great and we had the time of our lives.


Mharms said...

helo..i linked u in my blog.hope it is ok.

The Silver Age Sara said...

What a wonderful memory. Yes, those are the times we remember, when we just let ourselves go and enjoy the moment and find joy.
Thanks for sharing a beautiful story.

OMG OMG: said...

yes, what a wonderful memore. Your days in London should be quite a sweet memore in all your life. So happy you are.

Dori said...

Thanks to everyone for commenting and visiting my blog.

Marlyms, I'm so glad that you want to link to my blog. I have linked to you also.

Mountain Woman,yes,times like that are what make life so special. I'm glad that you enjoyed my story.

Omg Omg, yes, I have had some great times in London and they will indeed be great memories to have. It will all be added to my long list of great experiences as an expat.

Thanks again to you all for visiting.

Dori :-)