Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pizza Day

We have had a beautiful weekend. The sun has finally come to shine on us in these last days of September. :-) Yesterday, Brit Boy and I went into town to do some errands. There were a few stalls there that were reminiscent of the continental markets that they have sometimes, but it wasn’t a full blown market. There was a French food stall, a Dutch stall, and one with jewelry and handbags. We didn’t buy anything there, but it all looked great. We did our errands and then headed to the grocery to get a few things so that I could make a pizza later. I have been really wanting to give this a try, so we took a whirl around the grocery store. I already had bell pepper and onions, so I was searching for pepperoni, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, and a pre-made crust (haven’t figured out the crust from scratch yet). We got everything along with what we thought were dough balls to make crust. So we headed home and later we chopped everything up, readying it for the pizza. Then I realized that we didn’t have dough balls for making dough, we had dough balls for toasting and dipping in sauce. Boneheads we were. (laugh) We were rushing a bit in the store and got the wrong thing. But in the end, they turned out good and were a nice addition. No sweat. :-) We were in an adventurous mood and we would not be deterred, so we headed back to the store and picked up some roll-out pastry that made a GREAT crust. On the ride back home, the sunset was so beautiful. So when I got inside, I snapped this photo of the view out our back door. evening sky Back in pizza mode, I layered everything on the pastry crust. I started with a thin layer of mozzarella and mature cheddar and then the sauce with some onion granules and a bit of pepper sprinkled over that. Then I finished it off with layers of the other ingredients and voila! Here is a photo after we had already devoured half of it. pizza There’s a pattern here. I always seem to get the photo after we have been eating. (laugh) We usually just can’t wait. It turned out divine. Today is a gloriously sunny day and it feels like we are getting spring and summer a bit late. But I figure, it is just a beautiful bonus. Here’s a photo I snapped today. bare rose bush winter It sort of says it all, the beautiful sky is there, and the rosebush has shed and is going to sleep for a while. But it will be back before we know it. :-)


Mike Golch said...

great phots,I'm glad that you enjoyed your pizza.

Unknown said...

The photos are great. And that pizza looks delicious. Showing it half eaten helps to drive home the point of how good it was!

Elizabeth Harper said...

Mmmm pizza! I miss American pizza, but yours looks like you've got it down. Mine never tastes quite right when I try to make it myself.

Unknown said...


I'm curious about what was on the Dutch stall.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh, jealous! I haven't been able to get a decent pizza here in Istanbul yet :-(

and I've been there for a month. Maybe I haven't searched hard enough though ;-)

Dori said...

That pizza didn't last very long...gone in a flash. LOL.

Glad you liked the photos. I tell ya, that pizza was a joy to eat. We watched a movie and an episode of the West Wing...we looked up, and it was gone. LOL.

It was great. I do believe we have a winner here. :)I think the secret to mine was that we got some tasty pepperoni and it married well with the mushrooms.

They had cheese and bread at the Dutch stall. It looked very good. :)

I hope you find some pizza soon. I think it would be so cool to have "pizza in Istanbul" sounds like a film title. ;-) I can't wait to hear about it.

Danyele Easterhaus said...

i am sooo wishing i were there with you enjoying that sunny day and the left over pizza! it looks delish! way to stick to it and make a fab pizza!!

Gypsy at Heart said...

Dori, it sounds like a day made in heaven. The pizza looked scrumptious and you know what? I like it that you snap your shots after you've had some of the food. Gives the impression that what's important comes first and that would be the eating of course.

Thanks for letting me enjoy your day vicariously.

Claremont First Ward said...

The pizza looks so yummy. The weather in the UK is similar to the weather here in Oregon, so every lovely day is super special. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hey...glad the pizza turned out great. Which crust did you buy? I love to make pizza but not he crust.

Where I live the roses are just having their second round of explosion before Fall sets in.

Iota said...

Great pictures - I love that one of the sky.

I am you in reverse. I'm an English woman living in America! I'm enjoying browsing your blog.

Ivanhoe said...

Oh my, that pizza looks just yummy. Send me a slice or two, will you? :o)
We had a last nice weekend, the cold front is here, down to 50s & 60s. The fall is definitely here...

Dori said...

I wish that you could have hung out with us. It was great! :)Thanks for visiting me.

Gypsy at Heart,
You are right. I guess that's my "thing" to eat first and take pictures later. LOL.

I agree. The weather here has made me very grateful for those sunny days when they come. :)

The crust that I used was called "Jus-Rol" that they sell here. They make a variety of pastries. It came rolled up and it is square, so I patched in the corners to make it round. :) I'll bet it is so beautiful where you live right now with all of those blooming roses.

I'm glad you liked my photos. That is so neat that you and I are living a reversed life. Thanks for visiting me. :)

I will mail some over to you next time. ;-) The fall is definitely here...the change is happening here too. I can't believe that tomorrow is the beginning of October.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful sunset and the Pizza looked good too!

tahtimbo said...

OK, you just made me hungry! That pizza looks sooo good. Have you ever tried making a pizza with an Alfredo sauce? Talk about rich and good:)


That picture is making me hungry for pizza! The market sounds wonderful and quaint. I am picturing it in my mind right now!

Anonymous said...

Your baked goods always looks so tasty! I still can't get the muffins out of my head. :-)

Dori said...

I'm glad you liked my photo. And we are planning on making another one of those pizzas soon. Thanks for visiting me. :-)

I haven't tried the alfredo sauce. I may have to give that a try. Thanks for stopping by.

Health Nut Wannabee Mom,
Yeah, I love going to the markets in the different towns here. It is a quaint scene, especially the ones in the autumn. :-)

I am really enjoying baking lately. I was never much of a baker before, but it seems that baking is liking me. LOL.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Evil, evil friend. I am totally craving pizza now.

Dori said...

Hee hee hee. :-) I do hope you get some pizza though. I wish that I had some right now too.

Jenny Fletcher said...

Hi Dori - this week I am planning to use up the last of cherry tomatoes and gren bell peppers from my garden on a pizza together with store-bought/veg-box veggies and good mozzarella and mascarpone. When you go to the supermarket, look for garlic pizza bread in the chill cabinet. It's either with the pizza or the soup and breads depending on the store. Fantastic for a pizza base, and they freeze well and thaw quickly. You can top and cook from frozen but the middle can go a bit squishy then. I know you have some great farm shops and markets around where you live, but you can also get home-delivered organic veg boxes in most places. Mine are from

Dori said...

Thanks for the great info. I will check it all out. Ours was great, but I'm always open to another way too...more experimentation means more eating. LOL. Sounds like another excuse to have a pizza day around here. ;-)