Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ballots and Shortages

Not a whole lot has been happening around here lately. I can’t believe it is October already. I walked up to the High Street here in the village today. It was a cloudy day for a bit and then it was really sunny, so it was a nice walk and it was good exercise, which I needed. :-) I went to pick up a couple of things at the grocery store and then bought a lottery scratch off ticket. I won £6. I felt rich! :-) So it was a profitable walk today.

When I got back, I was hoping the postman would have dropped off something for us, but we didn’t get anything. I am excitedly waiting for my absentee ballot to cast my vote in the election back home. I spoke with the election officials in my county back in Georgia last week and they had just mailed it out, so I hope that it comes this week. This will be my first time casting an absentee ballot. I have been registered to vote since I was eighteen and have always done my best to show up at the polls.

Over the last couple of years of living here, my life has been in a bit of an upheaval, as I have been settling in and getting my official papers in order. But now I am finally getting into a groove. These things take time I guess. So I will be casting my first absentee ballot this time around and it just feels great. :-) I hope that my ballot comes tomorrow.

In other news, I was talking to a friend on the phone the other day who is back in Georgia. She was telling me how bad it is there with trying to get gas. I watch the network news from back home pretty regularly and had heard about this, but it was even more vivid to me in hearing my friend’s account. She said that some places were out of gas and some still had a bit of gas. I come from an area that is a quite a few miles outside of Atlanta, and she said that the other day, she saw people coming off of the interstate out our way in droves, trying to get gas. It is bad. People are having to drive far out of their way to get gas for their cars. I commuted to work in Atlanta for years and this is just awful for a commuter town like Atlanta to be out of gas like that. People need to get to work now more than ever. I feel for them so much. It seems that the hurricanes are partly to blame from what I hear on the news.

It is hard to see so much turmoil going on back home with the gas shortages where I come from and all of the destruction of the hurricanes and all of the economic hardship. With the global economy of today, there are tough times here too. I just sincerely hope and pray for better days ahead for all of us.


Mike Golch said...

well that is what happens when you have most of the refineries in a hurricane prone area. there used to be refineries in Calif,and other parts of the country that have been shut down torn down and never replaced.and the greedy oil companieskeep getting richer and make people suffer.

Dori said...

I agree...I do think a lot of it has to do with the refineries being placed in hurricane prone areas and they also said on the news that they cut back on output at some refineries, so as you said, people suffer. It is a mess.

Unknown said...

I agree. Hopefully things will turn around they are saying that the pipeline is up so more gas soon!

A Valdese Blogger said...

There were several days last week when you couldnt buy gas here in Valdese, North Carolina. You can now, but looks like the price has gone up some more.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the news also and sometimes it gets very hostile at the pumps. I too hope this, as well as the economic situation is resolved soon so people can get back to some sort of normalcy with their families.

Dori said...

Yeah, I do hope that things will get better soon.

Valdese Blogger,
I'm glad that you guys can get gas in N. Carolina now. I just hope that one of these days soon that the price can come down.

You are right. I just pray for things to get better overall. :)

Elizabeth Harper said...

My ballot arrived on Monday from Georgia. I hope yours makes it. We've got important work that needs doing there.

I wish I could see the debate tonight without having to stay up all night.

My friends and family are having huge issues with the gas shortages too. It seems no one has any.

Dori said...

I hope that my ballot arrives soon. You are so much work to do. As for the debate, I might get up and watch it like I did for the presidential one. I was a zombie the next day though. :-) They repeated it on More 4 last time, so if I miss it, I may catch it then. The gas is crazy right now.

Barbara said...

Hope you get your ballot soon. Thanks for visiting my blog =)

Dori said...

Ms. Bar B,
Yeah I hope I get it in the next few days. Thanks for stopping by. :-)