Monday, November 24, 2008

A Sweet Goodie

A few days ago, I received this sweet little goodie of an award from my bloggy friend Mike at Rambling Stuff. It's called Simply the Best and I'm touched that Mike gave this to me. I would definitely like to send it right back to him because without fail, Mike is always simply the best :-) So thank you Mike for being my friend and for always making my blogging day!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on another award. You ARE simply the best!!! :-)

The Silver Age Sara said...


Dori said...

Jacqueline and Mountain Woman,
Thanks for the congrats and for always supporting me. You are both great! :-)

Mike Golch said...

Dori, you definately deserve this award and to give it back to me is a blessing as well.Big time Hugs.


You are the queen of awards and you deserve them with such a wonderful blog!!! You are simply the best!

tahtimbo said...

Congratulations on a well deserved award:-)

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Dori congratulations very well deserved. Thank you for all of your support and lovely comments too.

And guess what?

You have two awards waiting for you on my blog too, lol!


@Cahangon75 said...

Congratulations for always simply the best

Anonymous said...


I have a couple more awards for you (it seems to be your award week). Stop by when you get a chance.

Kathy said...

That's so nice. Congratulations.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your awards!

Unknown said...

I have to agree with Mike you are simply the best! Congratulations!

queenmadison said...

I would like to give you three awards! I know you deserve these...
grab em here:

see yah around!

Jackie said...

Oh Dori,
I am so glad that Mike passed this along to you!!:-)

Dori said...

Thanks for giving the award first :) You are the best. Big hugs back to you too!

Health Nut Wannabee Mom,
Thanks so much. This is great praise coming from someone with such a great blog :)

Thank you :)

Thanks pal :-)

Thanks for the congrats and for passing along more awards to me. I'm not worthy ;-) I will pick them up and get them posted very soon :)

Thanks and I love coming by your blog and reading and commenting. Wow! More awards....I'm feeling all tingly...(smile) You are the best. I will be picking them up and posting them very soon too.

Satellite Community,
Thanks a lot :)

Thanks and I'm glad you stopped by :)

On the Verge,
Thanks! :)

Thank you and Mike is a sweetheart of a friend. He made my day! :)

Queen Madison,
Hey, thanks for those. I will be posting them along with others. I'm so blessed :) I'll definitely see you around.

Thanks for creating such a beautiful award and I was so proud to receive it :-)