Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Movie Sunday

I just wanted to drop in and say hello. I've been taking it easy and enjoying the weekend. On Thursday, we had our Thanksgiving dinner and it turned out really great. I surprised myself...everything turned out really great, like someone else had cooked it. LOL. I will share a bit more about this later in the week. On Friday, even though it isn't called Black Friday over here, we did go out and finished all of our Christmas shopping. We missed most of the crowds since most people were not off work. Brit Boy took the day off. There were lots of sales going on, so we got some good deals on some modest gifts. A sign of the times, but it was really nice and simple...the way I like it :-)

Today, Brit Boy is downstairs watching his sports and I'm upstairs watching one of my favorite films.... "Tootsie". I love it because it is definitely of a certain time period and it once again takes me down nostalgia alley just like "last weekend". I guess it's a phase. The end of the year always gets me nostalgic. When I was growing up, one of my favorite things to do on Sunday was to watch movies...the more retro the better :)

Brit Boy and I have already had leftovers from Thanksgiving to eat for early dinner. So I'm free of cooking today. Woo Hoo! LOL. After I finish watching "Tootsie", I may watch a DVD or something. I really love Sundays. Have a great rest of the weekend! :)


The Fitness Diva said...

Aren't leftovers just great? Gotta love 'em~!

Some actually taste even better the next day, too! :D

tahtimbo said...

It sounds like you had a really good weekend. Thankfully, our dinner turned out well and everyone was happy (we also have a lot of leftovers). On Friday, while my wife spent the day with her sisters at the mall, I stayed home and relaxed (I seem to be allergic to the mall and shopping). Have a fun and relaxing Sunday:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dori!
Like you, I just kicked back. I got some much needed rest! Also, after seeing photos of Fitness Diva's abs, (your first commenter) I was motivated to restart my workout routine BEFORE January. (Thanks for the inspiration, Diva!)

I rehired my husband as my personal trainer. I'm actually feeling better already! :-)

Can't wait to hear all about the fantastic meal you cooked.


Jackie said...

Oh I just love these kind of days. you just get all comfy and your favorite left overs and find good movies to watch.

Oh I wish I spent more time that way!!

It sounds like the perfect weekend to me!:-)

Martin MY said...

Leftovers, IK always feel that these are better than the first meal! The food improves with age.

Ivanhoe said...

I love Tootsie, too :o)
Back in Czech, the TV program on Sunday afternoons showed old B&W movies. Pure bliss! I kind of miss it.

Dori said...

Fitness Diva,
Absolutely...leftovers are definitely better the next day. The flavors just soak in. :)

I see you will be doing the leftover thing too :) I know what you mean about staying away from the mall on this past weekend. It can be so crazy. I'm glad you had some R&R :-)

I'm glad that you got some rest too :) Oh yeah, I saw Fitness Diva's abs and I put down the pie. LOL. She is amazing! I did the same thing...I got inspired and I started up my workout regimen again today. I have been really slacking off. That's cool you have your husband to train you. You're do start to feel better when you get back to working out :-)

Yeah, laid back days are the best. I put on my fuzzy blue socks that I got from a garden centre in the Cotswolds and I just got into my movies and vegged out :-) I have been trying to make more time for weekends like these and not worry about what needs to be done. It was a good weekend :-) I hope you had a good one too.

You are so right...the leftovers are the best. The taste settles in and I think things seem more tasty when you only have a bit left. You get to savor the last bit :-)

We are such twins. LOL. We love the same music and the same movies. I know you must miss the Sunday afternoon movies back home. It is definitely a blissful way to spend a Sunday afternoon :-)

The Silver Age Sara said...

I love "Tootsie" too. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

Dori said...

Yep, Tootsie is one of my all-time faves :-)