Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Euro Saturday Night

I have been humming this song in the shower for the last couple of days. It’s the winning song at the Eurovision Song Contest for this year. The song is by this fellow Alexander Rybak from Norway and it’s called “Fairytale”. He won with a record breaking 387 points.

The UK came in fifth with Jade Ewen singing “It’s My Time”. She has a great voice!

Brit Boy and I weren’t planning on watching it last Saturday night, but we got pulled in. I’ve watched it before since I’ve been here in England, but never all the way through like I did this year. What always intrigues me is seeing all of the entries from the various countries. Some of them are quite “interesting” I’ll just say and some are quite good :-) You never know…an international star may be born. ABBA won the contest back in 1974 and they were a big deal back in the day.

On our television system there is something called the red button and you can go interactive with what you’re watching. So they had a setting where you could sing along with the contestants and being the ham that I am, you know I had to sing along. LOL. Brit Boy joined in sometimes too. I swear we had no alcohol. LOL. We had never heard any of these songs, but singing along was so fun. It took me back to being a kid who loved to sing into a hairbrush at the mirror. LOL. My inner diva comes out!

Anyway, we had a good time and watched the whole thing. Alexander Rybak who won for Norway, wrote this song. I don’t know if it will be a worldwide hit, but I’ll say this for it, it’s really catchy in a surreal sort of way. And no matter what, he was doing his thang and I love it when people go all out doing what they love. Darn, there I go again humming it to myself, and then singing out loud. LOL. What can I say, I’m a wacky wannabee singer girl! :-)


Ivanhoe said...

I'm quite a singing queen myself :o) I have to check if our TV has this red button. That would be awesome!

Mike Golch said...

great posting.I unfortunally an not a great singer,nor an I a great musician.hence I've never posted myself playing my hammered dulcimer.

The Wandering Scotsman said...

I watched about 5 mins of Eurovision and turned off, i wasn’t in the mood to watch a comedy show. All I can say there isn’t much talent in Europe, I see more talented buskers everyday in London!

heidi said...

I had not heard of Eurovision before now. I wish I could sing but trust me I would not want to torment anyone:)

jacqueline said...

Hello Dori,
I enjoyed Alexander. I'd have to hum that song too. It seems a little too difficult since I can't hold notes too well. My dad was the star in my family. Now, my brother is a blues singer out in California. I didn't get any of that talent.

Those dancers were phenomenal. Thanks for sharing!!

Dori said...

We have so much in common :-) Yeah, the red button thing is a digital tv thing that they have here and you get this red button. I do love a sing-a-long :)

I'm not a singer at all. LOL. But I keep on trying. LOL. I'd love to see you play your dulcimer. I play the flute, but I haven't played in a long time :)

Wandering Scotsman,
Yeah, I was gonna be like you and not bother to watch, but I had a twisted curiosity and kept watching. LOL. It was a good campy surreal night. It was all in good humored fun. Since there was nothing else on, we watched it. The lack of good Saturday night tv is a whole other story ;-) As you mentioned, there are some talented buskers in London...I love when people stay true to their art. As for Eurovision,I just love it when people do their thing. I give them points for trying ;-)

Glad that I could introduce you :) It's interesting tv viewing. Hey, you and I could do a duet. My voice is awful, but I keep on singing. LOL. We'd be a hit! :)

Yeah, it's a catchy song once you hear it a few times :) That's so cool that your brother is a blues singer. Oh, I wish that I could do that :) Yeah, the dancers were quite acrobatic.

SE'LAH... said...


great post. singing? i probably shouldn't.

Stesha said...

I wish my TV had a red button. So jealous. Though, I can't sing at all!

Hugs and Mocha,

Dori said...

Yeah, I remember ABBA when I was a little kid. I didn't find out about the whole Eurovision thing until I grew up. And about the singing...LOL. I probably shouldn't, but I can't help myself. LOL. :)

Yeah, that red button is great! I love it. You can sing along, see alternate screens and all kinds of stuff. And I surely can't sing, but I just can't shut up. LOL. Hugs to you too! :)