Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Bit of Rearranging

As many of you know, there have been some problems with Internet Explorer and the Followers widget on several blogspot blogs of late. This issue has caused an "operation aborted" message to pop up every time a visitor comes to the site when using Internet Explorer. When it first started to happen when I visited my own blog, I thought it was just a fluke. Then I started to hear about it at other blogs. There is an outstanding issue ticket for it in known issues on Blogger, but it is still being worked out. I had heard that removing the Followers widget might help and then some have said that if you move the widget to the bottom of the page it works things out.

This has all left me scratching my head about what to do (smile). I mean, I love the connections that I've made with all of the readers/friends that come to read my blog, so I don't want to remove my widget. There is the other option that I didn't mention, and that is to just view my blog with Firefox and I do that some too. However, everyone doesn't use Firefox all the time, so I wanted to make the best decision all around about what to do. Therefore, I've taken the path of moving the Followers widget further down the page and this has seemingly done the trick, so we shall see. I'm hoping that the issue is sorted out soon so that I can move the Followers widget back up top where it belongs. Until then, I'll look on the bright side, at least with the widget at the bottom, I can see everyone's face. That's cool to me! :-)


Ivanhoe said...

I've notices that on bunch of blogs. I just kept hitting back button until it stop giving me the error message. I guess I'm going to move my followers on the bottom as well. Using IE at work and at home, so I hope that move will fix it.

I'd follow you anywhere if you decide to change the blog domain after all :o)

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing your posts without any problem, but I use Safari. :)

I hope your change does the trick for everyone else.

Mike Golch said...

I'm moving mine as well.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

I moved mine to the bottom as well. I typically post using a Mac but I am on a PC laptop now and I do notice a difference when I am browsing the internet using explorer.

A Valdese Blogger said...

I didn't know there was a problem - I use Opera mostly for dropping visiting blogs, and firefox for other things. I moved mine down near the bottom too.

The Fitness Diva said...

hey, Dori.

Gotta tell ya, using Firefox just solves so many problems at once that it's a non issue for me.
I'm actually surprised that so many people still use just IE! There always seem to be issues with it, and other browsers are so light years ahead of it.
Try FF if you can. I think it's worth a go. If not, good luck with that old Internet Explorer!
lol.... ;)

Dori said...

Yeah, I have encountered that at several blogs unless I'm using Firefox and I don't know if a lot of bloggers are aware that this is happening with their Internet Explorer readers. I hope that the word gets around because we all want a wide audience of people reading our blogs and we want it to be available to all. I hope that this issue gets worked out soon. And hey, I'd follow you anywhere too my buddy :) Have a great weekend!

Gifts of the journey,
I'm glad that Safari is working fine. Thanks for letting me know :)

I hope this works for you too :)

I hope this helps you. So far mine has been working better. You're right...the browsing experience is so varied out there :)

Valdese Blogger,
Yeah, it seems to be only when you use Internet Explorer. I use Firefox part of the time. I'm sort of a 50/50 girl, so I use both IE and FF :) And I figured that I didn't want to block out anyone who uses IE more of the time. Gotta keep the readers happy ;-)

Fitness Diva,
Yeah, I'm a Firefox user too, but then I dabble in it and Internet Explorer...I like a challenge ;-) And yeah, that's the thing, I don't know which browser people are using when they visit me so I want to touch all bases. I'm a come one come all kind of gal, so I hope that now I'm ready for whomever visits :) Have a fab weekend!

DiPaola Momma said...

WELCOME to SITS darling.. when do I get to come visit you?! I've been having LOTS of trouble with my readers not being able to see my blog.. and no it has nothing to do with libations.. it seems that FireFox or something akin to that, I DO NOT fien any expertise in anything tech related, is dumping blog text, sometimes images, some of my readers have only been able to see a red page on my blog. My hits have gone down over 60% as well.. then again maybe people just don't like me anymore.. booo hooo! See ya at roll call