Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer For As Long As We Have It

I just had to do a mini post about the weather here today. It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! Summer has definitely arrived in Wiltshire and much of England this weekend (smile) The sky is so blue. It has just lifted my spirits so much. I wasn't depressed or anything, but having the sun after so many grey days recently, has just awakened all of those summer feelings. I feel like going on a picnic or having a barbeque. You know, I used to take sunny days for granted back home in, scratch that. I never took them for granted because I relished them then too. My mother used to say she never saw anyone get so excited by a sunny day. LOL. But I guess that now I have a renewed appreciation for the days when the sun shines on everything like this. I like grey moody days too, but the sun just makes me feel alive (smile)

Our roses have started to burst into bloom now too. Beautiful! Hello Summer for as long as we have you! :-)


jacqueline said...

Hello Dori,

My, what a beautiful flower!

We're having a HOT day today. I can't believe it. I guess summer is finally making a statement by saying "I hope you didn't forget about me 'cause I'm still hot as ever." :-)

Sandy said...

I love those perfect weather days and yellow roses are my favorite. Simply gorgeous!

I came by to Welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!

Rachael Schirano \\ Rachael Schirano Photography said...

i love the feelings that those first days of summer evoke. sunshine does a lot to heal the mind, heart + soul!

Carma Sez said...

Sunshine literally brightens my mood, too. Enjoy the beautiful weather...

Stoppin' by from SITS to say "hi" and welcome. I know that you will enjoy being a part of this vibrant community of bloggers!
carma :-)

Marlene said...

I used to take sunny days for granted, too as I come from almost one-season-land. Yesterday, we had a beatiful sunny Saturday here in Sweden and I felt like having a dip in the pool. I realized sunshine would always make me more alive and happier. :-)

Just Lisa said...

Beautiful rose!

It's boderline hot here in California. I've been anxiously inspecting my tomato plants every morning, waiting for those green tomatoes to turn red! I've got peppers and cilantro growing, too! I can't wait to make fresh salsa!

I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!


Just stopping by to say hello and welcome to the SITS community!

Brandy said...

We finally had a sunny weekend here in VA and I was extremely thankful!

Dropping in to welcome you to SITS!

Taryn Zerner said...

Ahhhh! The English countryside. It doesn't get any prettier than that!
You're from Georgia? I am from Tennessee and now living in South Carolina! We could be cousins! ;)
I adore your blog -
I am visiting from SITS and wanted to welcome you to the SITStahood.

Mandy said...

Hasn't it just been glorious!!??? :)

Ash said...

What a gorgeous shot! Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts - from one former Atlanta (Roswell) girl to another.

Welcome to SiTS! Em

Ivanhoe said...

Oh how pretty your tea rose is! Sunny day can definitely lift up my mood. I don't mind rainy days only if I can stay at home: cuddled up on the couch - reading a good book ;o)
The temps here are just in the sixties so I'm still waiting for my summer to arrive.
Enjoy your wonderful weather, Dori!

Unknown said...

Hi there Dori, long time no see, lol! I hope all is well with you and your family honey. I've missed you. And now I am going to really be busy with this class for church for the next ten weeks, and I think I am going to start serving at my church, just not sure in what area quite yet.

Have a wonderful day sweetie, and God bless.


Dori said...

I hope you stayed cool :-)

Yeah, yellow roses are so happy looking. And thanks so much for welcoming me to the SITStahood :)

So true...all those good vibes offer up such healing. I love that feeling too. Thanks for visiting :)

Yep, and the sun has continued today. So cool. Thanks so much for welcoming me to SITS. I love it already :)

It's so true, that first burst of sunny days makes you want to jump in a pool and just do everything outside :) Thanks for visiting.

Glad you like my rose. Another dozen bloomed out today. They are gone wild :) Yum, your garden sounds so tasty. I'd love some of that fresh salsa :) Thanks for the welcome to SITS!

Thanks for the welcome! :)

I know what you mean. Isn't it great when you finally get some sunny weather after so long. Thanks for the welcome to SITS. You gals are great! :)

Yep, I'm a Georgia girl. Hi cousin! ;) lol. So glad you like my blog. I hope that you can come back to visit. I'm headed over to yours right now. Thanks for the great welcome to the SITStahood :)

Oh yeah! I can't stop admiring that sun and glorious blue sky :)

Glad you like my photo. Oh cool, another former Georgia girl! :) Thanks for the welcome to SITS!

Yeah, I love those roses. They have just exploded over the weekend. I'm with you about the rainy day it :) I hope your summer weather arrives soon my friend :)

Hey there. All is well. I hope that things are well with you and your family too. I'm gonna head over to your place now and visit. You have a wonderful day too dear Jodi :)