Monday, September 14, 2009

A Bit of This...A Bit of That

Well, it’s Monday again…time for a new week, but before I go ahead, I figured I’d rehash a few things from around here :-) So this will be a hodgepodge post…a bit of this…a bit of that.

Saturday morning, I finally turned in my latest bit of work for my freelance and feature writing course and I was glad to hit that send button to carry it on its way to my teacher. I love completion :-) It had been a heavy assignment since it was all about the law and I am no law student ;-) But it was interesting. It was all about libel and slander and defamation…all that stuff which is a no-no. It also covered reporting restrictions if you’re covering a court case. I imagine I won’t be wading into this arena, but it was still helpful. Good stuff for a freelancer to know.

There was a lot of reading and I had to reread certain bits of it again in order to wade through the legal stuff that my artsy mind has a tough time with :-) But I think I did a good job on my assignment. This time I didn’t have to write an article or anything, I just had to write lengthy essay type answers to questions about scenarios they gave me. Fingers crossed that I’ll get good feedback.

I’m not that far from finishing the course and it has definitely helped me to feel more confident in article writing since I was more of a creative writer before. So it has definitely been time well spent :-)

I took this photo this morning.

It’s what remains of the gorgeous flowers that Brit Boy gave me on our engagement anniversary three weeks ago today. I’m amazed that there are any left after all this time. There was such a big variety of blooms and they slowly died away bit by bit, but as I told Brit Boy, the love never dies :-) I love that the last ones standing are these sunny little yellow ones. I mean really…what else would be left in a place called the Yellow House. LOL. I imagine that they will fade away this week finally too, but I’ve definitely enjoyed having them around :-) Life’s simple pleasures are the best.

Have a great day everyone! :-)


Operaton You said...

Yes, love lasts forever. Good luck on your assignment.. I feel an "A" coming on.. I'm sure you will get an excellent grade..I was up 5am writing my draft to turn in tonight in class...sigh... So, I know about the feeling of relief and accomplishment...

Anne said...

I am interested in your assignment. I used to teach communications law and covered libel, slander, etc. It is always good to know what you are allowed to say and how to say it. That can come up for any writer. Good luck with finishing the course!

Your flowers are beautiful! I can't believe they lasted as long as they have. How romantic!

Dori said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes on my assignment :) Good luck with yours too. And yes, there's nothing like that feeling of knowing you've completed something you've worked hard to complete.

How cool that you used to teach this kind of subject :) And yeah, that was definitely my thought. I figure that this will be a good subject to know about whether I cover a court case or not. So I was intrigued to learn :) It turned out quite interesting. Thanks for the good luck wishes. The flowers are amazing aren't they? Those are some hearty flowers :)

Jackie said...

Congrats on getting it completed, as my daughter is a professor I understand the pressure.

We watched her for years and years! And wow Dori your flowers look great for being 3 weeks old.

It must be going to be a long and happy marriage!!:-)

Mike Golch said...

I have always maintained the it is the love between 2 people that make it work.

SE'LAH... said...

What an interesting assignment.

congrats on your engagement anniversary.


jacqueline said...

Congratulations Dori! Nothing is more rewarding than finishing an assignment which doesn't bring much joy. Sounds like it required a bit of activity on the left side of the brain, which is always good for creative types like us. I'm sure you did very well. :-)

The flowers still look beautiful - a symbol of eternal love. The symbol may fade but the essence never does. Congrats to you and Brit Boy! You guys are definitely soul mates. :-)

Dori said...

Thanks for the congrats :) That's cool that your daughter is a professor. And yes, I am amazed that those last few are still alive. Today they seem to be taking a turn though. They've been such a joy. I think you're right about me and Brit Boy :) Thanks so much for always bringing light when you visit.

Absolutely...I couldn't agree more :) Thanks for stopping by my bloggy buddy.

Yeah, it was interesting. There was a lot of reading, but I found it very intriguing. I felt like Perry Mason giving his summation when I was explaining my findings for the essay questions :) Thanks for the congrats.

Thanks! :) Yes I love completion after working hard like that. It definitely worked that other side of my Your support is so appreciated.

You said it so beautifully about the flowers and love :) My thoughts exactly.

The Silver Age Sara said...

Wow, I remember when Brit Boy gave you the flowers and I can't believe they are still alive. That's really incredible.