Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yesterday I turned in my latest assignment for my course. I have a few more to go and then I’ll be done. It’s been interesting and I’ve certainly learned a lot about article and feature writing. It has been an eye opener. My next assignment is to write a package for a tv or radio show and a treatment for a half hour television documentary or feature on a particular topic. I have to outline the packages and write out a portion of the actual shows, not the whole thing. This is the part of the course that I’ve been looking forward to most. It will be a challenge, but it will totally take me out of my comfort zone, so this will be a good learning experience. Wish me luck! :-)

In other news, recently I’ve been given two awards from bloggy friends and I wanted to finally highlight them. I was so grateful to receive them, but haven’t had the chance to mention them with all my school work. Well today I have that chance :-) I’ll do one award today and the other one tomorrow.

The first one is the Most Inspirational Blog Award that I received from June at Cen’s Loft. Let me just say, she inspires me with her creativity. She has a great blog on scrapbooking and crafts mixed with stories from her everyday life. Please check her out!

It was hard to decide who to pass this award on to because there are so many blogs that I read that inspire me. Here are my picks, even though the list could have been twenty or more blogs long :-) This is why they inspire me....

Getting Busy Living – because this is my Brit Boy’s blog and the title of his blog is our shared philosophy in life. My husband inspires me every day!

People You Need To Know – because this blog highlights inspiring people who inspire me to do more

Necessary Room – because her blog simply exudes calm whenever I visit...that’s inspiring

Writing To Survive – because her truly creative writing inspires me to look deeper

Operation You – because she celebrates self-love and love for the world around us...truly inspiring

Red Pine Mountain – because her words inspire beauty and her photos do the same

I hope that you enjoy visiting them all. They are truly great. Have a great day everyone!


Brit Boy said...

Thanks for the award - I am suitably flattered! And coming from the most inspirational person I know makes it even more of an honour :-)

The Silver Age Sara said...

I can't even begin to imagine how stuck I would be with your new assignment. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I know it will be wonderful.
Congratulations on the award. You have been inspiring me for over a year now.
I know Brit Boy's blog and Writing to Survive is fantastic but the others are new to me so I'm headed off to check them out.
Thank you so much for passing the award on to me and for your kind words.

jacqueline said...

Hey Dori,
How refreshing! Thank you so much for the mention. As we both know, none of us can make it through this journey of life without the help of others. I'm happy that my blog has been a source of inspiration for you.

I visited all of the sites you highlighted and plan to visit them more often. :-)

Congrats again on all of your accomplishments in your course work. :-)

Krystal Grant said...

Congrats on the blog awards. Good luck with the class. It sounds like it can be very exciting and challenging. Keep Posting!

SE'LAH... said...

How coincidental that you've been on my mind. I haven't had as much time to visit my blog friends as I'd wish but I do think of you often.

I am very grateful for the honour you have bestowed upon me. I accept your award with great humbleness.

Thanks so much Dori!

One Love,

RE - EntrePOD said...

ooooo dori, so what are you writing about - the real housewives of london ? that would be fun indeed and you can call up your atl experience. those girls are a handful, and I'm sure with a lil brit polish they'd be even better.

good for you my fellow producer in training.


Congrats on your awards as you always deserve them!!! I am sure you will do great with those 2 assignments and interested to see what you come up with. Good luck:)

Duni said...

Good luck with your new assignment, Dori. Sounds exciting :)

And congratulations on the award!

Operaton You said...

Now this has made my day! I'm sorry I'm just now responding but the comment window as been up on my screen since yesterday.

My day began with the sun shining on my soul and I'm so honored and grateful for this award!

I sooo miss visiting my blog friends but my schedule doesn't permit me to visit as much as I would love to. I try to at least post a couple times a week to let you know that I'm still here in blogland but just a tad bit busy.

Your writing course sounds so cool! I wish you the best on completing all of your assignments. Now that I'm in grad school for writing, I'm learning that you really, really have to love to write to do this program. And I do!! (smile) It's worth the work, isn't it?

I hope you have a fantastic day! Sending positive energy your way, always!!!

Ivanhoe said...

Congratulations on your award! How wonderful :o)
Good luck to you with your next school assignment. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your award. And it sounds like your course is giong well.

Anne said...

You class sounds really interesting. I am glad you are learning a lot. Congrats on your award.

Dori said...

Thanks everybody for the congrats on the award :) And I will definitely keep you posted on my tv and radio assignment. It is making me expand my options. I'm loving it :) Have a great weekend!

j said...

Your assignment sounds really interesting *and* challenging. I look forward to reading more about it.

There's so much inspiration here and I always feel comforted when I've come here, too, like I have just been over for a slice of cake, a cup of tea, and good conversation. Thank you for passing on the award!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Good morning Dori
I am so happy I found your site and that you visted my blog. Thank you for joining it and I hope one day I can inspire readers as you do.
This morning I read your first entry and wanted so much to reach out and tell you how sorry I was about your mom. What a brave young lady you are and I am so happy that you went ahead with your plans to marry Brit Boy. Your mom and dad were both there beside you beaming with happiness.
God Bless You

Operaton You said...

In all my self absorbiton, I forgot to send congratulations to you for winning your awards!

Dori said...

Hey there :) Yeah, my latest assignment is a doozy, but I'm hanging in there and learning a lot :) I'll definitely share what I come up with.

And that's so sweet of you to say. Please feel eternally welcomed over for that slice of cake and cup of tea my pal :) I'm glad you feel welcomed here!

Grandma Yellow Hair,
I'm so happy I found your site too :) I love connecting like this. Thank you for your inspired me by saying that!

I'm so glad you went back and read my first was a tough one to write. I'm so touched by your caring :) You are so parents were definitely there and thank you for being here my new friend :)

You're so wonderful! Thanks for the congrats my friend :)