Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween at the Yellow House

Just wanted to check in and say Hello! :-) I've been working on a couple of school work assignments this week and it's going okay. The leaves are finally changing color more around where we live so I'm happy about that. I do love autumn/fall best of all :-)

We were out the other day and picked up a new decoration for the season...we love our decorations. We don't have a whole lot of them for Halloween, but we figure we will add them as the years go by. Anyway, we found this little jack-o-lantern figure and he's rather cute...don't you think? :-)

He's made out of metal and kind of bounces around when you poke him. He's kind of like a bobblehead. Let me tell you, I enjoy making him bounce way too much. LOL. We're all set for Halloween.

Hope you all have a great weekend! :-)


Vixen said...

I adore that pumpkin, it is so cute!

Duni said...

What a cute pumpkin - not scary at all!!!

Mike Golch said...

that is a good one.

The Silver Age Sara said...

He's adorable :-)

Ivanhoe said...

He's pretty cute :o)
We don't have much stuff for Halloween either. Come to think of it, the only holiday I really decorate for is Christmas...

BK said...

I think that lamp is cute too. It will be very popular to kids ... and adults too. :)

Anne said...

That is really cute! I think it is the best bobblehead I have ever seen. I don't usually like them, but him I like. Enjoy!

Dori said...

Yeah, isn't he a cutie :)

He was so cute that I couldn't resist him :)

He certainly is :)

Mountain Woman,
He's my new favorite :)

Yeah, we don't have many Halloween decorations at all either, so we figured we'd start a little collection...I love our first pal here :)

Yeah, he's quite a crowd pleaser :)

He is fun...he just wiggles and looks so cute doing it. LOL. Glad you like him :)

Gerry Hatrić said...

Great pumpkin! :D