Monday, October 12, 2009

A Sunset and A Viewing Sunday

We had a nice quiet weekend around the Yellow House and sometimes that’s just what you need :-) Brit Boy did his Saturday cooking and I just loved that ;-) On Saturday evening we worked on a little project that we’ve been working on…more about that in the future :-) And then on Sunday we just took it easy on the couch. We also enjoyed a beautiful scene like this as the sun went down.

We usually have our DVD time on Sundays. We will sometimes watch a movie, but usually we watch a couple of TV shows we like on DVD. This started out as our West Wing DVD Sundays, but now they are The Waltons and West Wing Sundays :-)

Brit Boy is a full-on West Wing fan and has all the seasons on DVD. We’ve had the final season for a while, but have only recently started to watch it. Brit Boy wanted to savor it so we’ve delayed it a bit and watched the previous season again. This was good because in the past I was an in and out West Wing fan before, but now I’m all in :-) So this way I can catch up and follow the stories better.

I mentioned The Waltons. Well, Brit Boy bought me the first season DVD set of this a couple of Christmases ago. I’ve always been a fan of this show since I saw it as a little kid. Some people make jokes about this show, but I don’t mind. I love it. I love it because it reminds me in many ways of my own growing up and I loved that John Boy was a writer. The Walton family had seven kids and I was one of seven kids and their gently simple rural life reflected parts of my own. So whenever I watch this show it instantly takes me back to a time and place that is long gone now, but through this show I hear echoes of my life as a child with my parents :-) This way, how I grew up is never far away. I grew up decades after the times that this show is set in, but the story of family goes on forever.

Interestingly enough, Brit Boy likes watching too and I was a bit surprised by that in the beginning. However, I realized that even though he grew up across the ocean from me, the ties of family and tradition and nostalgia are universal. It’s like they say, we are often more alike than we are different.

So we watched an episode of The Waltons and then we watched an episode of The West Wing and it was great. We had a snack and I kept wishing that we still had a couple of slices of that cake that I made last week :-)

We had every kind of weather yesterday...we had rain, wind, and then a glorious blue sky in the afternoon. And that gave way to some amazing clouds that were lit up orange by the setting sun. Brit Boy and I just stood at the window and watched the show :-) We were mesmerized.


Duni said...

The weather is acting a bit freakish over here as well. We're expecting more rain though :(
I used to watch the Waltons when I was little. I enjoyed this show very much!

Lin said...

I used to like the Waltons too. Seems like TV was a bit more gentle now--imagine that show on now!! :)

heidi said...

I watched the Waltons when I was a kid!! What a beautiful sunset and a relaxing evening!!!!

jacqueline said...

Hello Dori,
There's nothing like having a relaxing evening before drifting off to a peaceful sleep. Thanks for sharing that beautiful photograph. :-)

LizzyT said...

I used to love watching the Waltons, how lucky you are to have someone who spends time with you like that. My someone prefers the company of his computer!

JudyH329 said...

What a lovely and peaceful weekend. We're having a bit too much rain here in Alabama as well! The pictures you posted of your cake made it look so appetizing! I liked the Waltons as well. As far as West Wing, the first season was good, but seemed to go downhill after that for me. I'm glad you have someone that will watch it with you!

Theresa said...

Now that is funny since my husband and I love The Waltons too. Sometimes we even get into watching Little House on the Prairie but The Waltons is always number one. Great writing and stories.

Diane said...

How sweet! Glad you guys have this special time together. The Waltons are timeless! :O)

Dori said...

Yeah, we've had strange weather all over the place here. Today it's half sunny/half cloudy. So glad to hear that you were a Waltons watcher too :)

You're so right about it being gentler TV back then. I guess that's why when I watch it now, it always calms me so much. And yeah, I imagine if it was on now it wouldn't last's a shame. Have a great weekend!

Yay...that's three Waltons watchers so far :) That is great! And yes, that sunset was so beautiful. Have a great weekend!

So glad you liked the photo. I do love evenings like gets you in touch with what's important in life. Have a fab weekend! :)

Lizzy T,
Yeah, you have no idea how excited I was to find out that Brit Boy wanted to watch it with me :) So now we can watch the Waltons and the West Wing and both enjoy both shows. It's a good life. Enjoy your weekend :)

Oh, I hope the rain leaves you alone there for a while. Did you all get flooding like in Georgia? So glad you liked my cake photo...I wish I had some now. LOL. Glad that you liked the Waltons too...wasn't it great! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

I'm just loving that we all have love of the Waltons in common :) I love Little House on the Prairie too, but I haven't seen it in a long while. I keep hoping that they will show it in reruns over here again soon. So glad to know that we have so much in common and that you enjoyed my post. Enjoy your weekend! :)

It's so true...The Waltons are timeless :) And when we sit down to watch it it's my favorite time of the week. Have a great weekend!