Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Mini Cam Moments #5 and Snow!!!!!

Hello all :-) Things are getting more back to normal around the Yellow House after the holidays. We finally got our new washing machine after nearly a month of waiting on the landlord to get his backside in gear ;-) So now I’m making my way through mounds of laundry. I may dig out by spring. LOL. Seriously though, I’m making some progress. Also I’m getting back into the swing with my school work after this break. I’m on the tail end of things now so I’m excited about that.

In more picturesque news, we had snow here in many parts of England overnight and Wiltshire, where we live, got its share. It’s still snowing now. I wanted to share a few photos with you. These were taken a couple of hours ago, so the snow is deeper now, but you can still see what it’s like here today :-)

These are photos that I took when we took our walk earlier. I told Brit Boy that some places look as if someone took a snow machine from the movies and just blasted things. It’s fluffy snow this time that snuggles up to everything :-) I hope you enjoy this peek into our world today.

And here’s an entry into my series of Mini Cam Moments. It’s been a long while ;-) This is me and Brit Boy walking along. Check out our feet. LOL. I love the sound of crunching snow. You can hear kids playing in the background. They were sliding down the hill nearby and enjoying the snow. I thought about joining in :-)

Have a great day wherever you are!


JudyH329 said...

Boy, a lot of snow has fallen! Just like when I was in Oklahoma for Christmas! 14 inches fell then! They're forecasting sleet and snow for Alabama and Mississippi tomorrow. I don't want anymore! I've had enough for this season! Beautiful pictures, especially the ones with the snow attaching itself to branches! Good shots! I'll now leave you to your laundry! lol

Agnes said...

When you're done with all that laundry, you are welcome to come over to my house (I have piles of laundry!). :-)

I love love love the snow pictures.

Happy new year, again :-)

jacqueline said...

I got a kick out of all the crunching. I could feel the snowy breeze too! It seems that lots of snow is our new best friend this year, even in Alabama. lol

Anonymous said...

Cute! We have so much here. Feet of snow here in NY.... YUK!

Julie (Momspective) said...

Seems like everyone's getting hit with it! WOW!

Kicha said...

Walking in several inches of snow is a great workout. My hubby and I did the same this afternoon.

Petula said...

I haven't been in snow like that in more than 10 years. Love the sound of the crunching snow. That's pretty cool. You use the sound and insert it into another video. :) Stay warm!

Mrs Sweetwater said...

Dori Dear did you hear they shut down 75 and 85 downtown in the atl due to COLD - Not Ice. yes now atl is shutting down the major highways due to cold. yeah right. i'm in detroit right now and the temps are between 20 as a high and -5 at night and nary a freeway is closed or slowed. somehow I wonder why somefolks are afraid concrete will get cold. can you imagine if the snow fell today.

Haaaaaa !!!

Unknown said...

The snow looks beautiful...from afar. Stay warm and happy new year.


Dori said...

Hey Judy,
Yeah, we got a few inches of snow...nothing like back home though :-) Wow 14 inches!It seems that everywhere around a great many parts of the world are getting hit with snow. It's wild. I know what you mean, it is pretty, but it gets tiring after the initial bit. Glad you liked my photos :-)Stay warm!

The laundry monsters must be out to eat all of us up. LOL. I feel like taking some of mine over to the landlord's at this point :) So glad you like my snow pics. Happy New Year to you too!

Yeah, I didn't realize the camera would pick up the wind sound so good too. I did that video on my regular digital camera. Glad you enjoyed the crunching too :) It is seems that snow is the thing mostly everywhere for 2010. It is hitting back home all has hit here and in continental Europe and in China really badly. It's like a deep freeze. Oh where is spring??? LOL. Stay warm!

I really feel for you with all of those feet of snow. The inches here have already given me my fill ;-) Stay warm :)

Yeah, isn't it crazy! I can't remember it ever being like this in such a widespread area. Thanks for visiting :)

I know right :)That's what I told Brit Boy. It was definitely a workout and I always find that when you're venturing out in snow, you will sometimes walk further than you would otherwise because you want to see things. So glad that you and your hubby enjoyed a walk too :)

See, I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that likes that crunching sound :) I felt like I was working in the movies as I recorded the sound. LOL. I'm easily amused. You stay warm too :)

RE Ausetkmt,
Hey there lady. I didn't hear about 75 and 85. I don't understand either about the cold on the highway???? If it were ice I'd get it :) It's wild. Stay warm in Detroit dear....Brrr! You're my she-roe with weather like that.

It's funny though about the weather. I was just thinking this yesterday. Growing up in Georgia, we were blessed with beautifully warm weather and had only occassional snow and ice and when the snow and ice hit, things would get a bit chaotic and shut down and I thought that it was just a Georgia thing or southern thing. Here's the funny part though, I've seen the same thing happen here in England when the snow hits and it's in similar amounts to home. Things shut down and it's chaotic :) It's strangely comforting though in a way because it just shows me that even though it sounds a bit cliched sometimes, it is true, people are very similar everywhere. LOL. Gotta love us humans! Now let's all go have a snowball fight...LOL. Stay warm!

LOL. I love how you said from afar.
Have a great day and Happy New Year to you too! :)