Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Signs

Yesterday, Brit Boy and I were out and about around the Wiltshire countryside and dipped over into Somerset, which is a neighboring county. On our way out of Somerset and back into Wiltshire, we passed through this village called Rode.

As we drove along through the village, I noticed this lovely church, the Church of St. Lawrence, with a heart on it.

It was cute especially since Valentine's Day just passed. I don't know why the heart was there. As we passed by I saw something written on a banner out front, but I couldn't catch what it said. It could've been for anything, but still it made me feel good to see it :-)

I figure that whenever love is around, we're all gonna be alright. As the Beatles said, "All You Need Is Love".


Patricia Rockwell said...

Love, love, love the heart on the church!

Georgette Jones said...

Beautiful, Dori! You always capture such interesting sights!

Unknown said...

All the story possibilities that lead to that display all stem from the singular - love! Thank you for sharing it.

strokeofliving said...


Thanks for being interested enough in my blog to follow me. I'm going to return the courtesy.

I was in London only once back in 2005. I had fun although Londoners were not nearly as friendly as I found the Italians to be. I spent most days jumping from the Tube to the bus system getting lost and finding my way back to Chelsea. All I did was shop for unusual silver jewelry and eat out with my friend. I had some of the best Indian food ever. I even ventured out to Brixton in spite of people telling me how dangerous it was. I'm from NYC so nothing really intimidates me. The Caribbean food was great!

Do you and Brit Boy get to London much?

heidi said...

Stunning! Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing. Hope you two had fun!

Vixen said...

What a great site! For whatever the reason, I love seeing the heart on the church!

Duni said...

I think that's very cute that they put a heart up there :)

Jacqueline said...

Hello Dori,
Very nice. At the very moment I read it, the tune popped into my head.

SE'LAH... said...

sweet shot.

i always enjoy stopping by here, even though i don't get to do it as often as i wish. do know that i think of you often and i'm always sending positive vibes your way.

one love Sis.

Agnes said...

Love it, Dori. The heart on the church is priceless :-)

Deidre said...

The heart certainly makes the church look less terrifying. Seriously, is that a church - or the tower that held repunzel?

Dori said...

I'm so glad you liked it :-)

I'm so glad I was there to capture it and share it with you all :-)

Exactly! It's all about love :)

Absolutely! I love finding new blogs to follow :) Thanks for following me back. Brit Boy and I do get to London quite a bit usually. We go to concerts, exhibits, plays and things quite a bit and sometimes we just go to hang out :) We live out in the countryside, so it's a good change to go to London from time to time. Thanks so much for commenting.

Yep, it was fun and I'm so glad you like the photo. I had to share that one with you all :)

Isn't it so intriguing :) It was neat to see it from a distance and then get close enough to take a picture!

It certainly is :)

We think alike so much :)

I'm so glad that you stop by whenever you can :) You are so kind. And I send those positive vibes back to you! One love back to you Sis :)

Priceless it truly is :)

So sorry that it scared you ;-)

jewelry Rockstar said...

Love is all we need...