Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photographing Rainbows and Inspiration

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, I was working on some writing upstairs and Brit Boy was downstairs watching television and doing his Brit Boy thang ;-) Even though in reality it’s simply our bedroom, I often call this space my ‘garret’. LOL. That name really means an attic of some sort, but I’m cuckoo like that and like to imagine that it’s an attic. When I was growing up, I always wished we had an attic. So I let my fantasy side come raging out and it's an attic. LOL. Anyway…it’s my space :-)

So back to my story…I was up here yesterday alternating between working on some writing and playing games on Facebook ;-) I looked out of the window and noticed these beautiful pink and orange clouds against a turquoise-colored sky. It was breathtaking!

I got up out of my chair and stood at the window and then hung out to see as far as I could down either end of the street. It was just one of those simple pleasures, but it made me feel so good. Sometimes you just have to pause and take a look around, you know :-) After a few minutes I started to wonder what it looked like out back, so I went downstairs and saw that it was even more beautiful in that direction because of the setting sun.

Then I glanced to my left and there it was…a rainbow! What is it about rainbows? :-) They always have the power to inspire awe. All other thoughts just go away as you gaze at them. I also think that some of the magic of rainbows is that they show up when you least expect them. We hadn’t had any rain, so it was a great surprise.

Here are some photos that I took. I was snapping very quickly so they look very similar, but I wanted to capture every bit of this beauty so that I could remember it. And now I want to share them with you. Please forgive the semi-duplicates, but I figure that lots of rainbow action is always a good thing :-) The whole rainbow wasn't visible, but hey, a big chunk was right there to I was thrilled. The light in the sky was amazing and there was just an ethereal atmosphere all around. It was so calming. I hope you enjoy taking a look!

An extra piece of good news…that rainbow showed up on a great day for me. I am currently featured on the People You Need To Know website. It’s a great place that celebrates and highlights women from a variety of fields. I have always admired this website for the way it presents people who are doing so many interesting things and succeeding. So I was VERY honored and surprised to get the invite to be featured. Being in such great company is inspiring to me and will definitely push me to do more and more with my life!


Diane said...


The clouds alone are gorgeous, the rainbow is a bonus! :O)

RE - RecycledFrockery said...

wowww that rainbow did have a pot of gold at the end. you lucky girl you. a feature on PYNK is definantly something to get excited about. BRAVO and Well Deserved ! btw your pics are lovely. I love rainbows too. hubby and I saw one on our honeymoon at niagara falls and I still have that photo. it's truly a magical experience - well worth celebrating.

Petula said...

I saw your feature on PYNK and thought it was great. That's what prompted me to come by and see what you're up to - it's been quite awhile since I've visited. Congrats on the feature.

Those photographs are gorgeous. Lovely clouds... I was just commenting to someone not too long ago that it's been quite awhile since I've seen a rainbow in person. I'd like to get a pot of gold soon. :-)

A Valdese Blogger said...

We have mountains to the west & south of us & we spend a lot of time looking at the clouds, sky and all the different shades of light & color it produces.

Nieves said...

Beautiful pics Dori, even in a no rainy day! And congrats for being honoured at being in the "People you get to know" website. My best summer regards for you,

Mike Golch said...

Rainbows are a great thing to photo. last year celestine and i saw a double rainbow.i wish I had had a camera with us.

Ryan said...

Hey congrats on being featured, I've seen plenty of rainbows but I'm never fast enough to captured one on camera, well done.

Anne said...

Congrats! Your rainbow photos are beautiful. They always lift my mood.

Dori said...

Thank you :) Exactly, I think that both were great!

Thanks! :) How wonderful to see a rainbow on your honeymoon! Hugs to you.

I'm so glad that you stopped by again :) Thanks for the congrats! I'm with you, that pot of gold would be so nice!

Valdese Blogger,
I'll bet you have a lovely view where you are. I wouldn't know where to look with all of that around :)

So glad you liked the photos and thanks for the congrats! :) I hope that you're having a great summer too!

Ooh, I would love to see a double rainbow. I'm so glad you got to see one :)

Thanks for the congrats :) I know, I usually miss photographing them too. This time I got lucky! ;-)

Thank you :) Yeah, rainbows are always a great pick-me-up!

Have a great weekend everyone!