Friday, August 13, 2010

Photos of Wiltshire and Watching Meteors

So last night I watched the meteor shower and it was fabulous. Did any of you watch it? Usually we miss a lot of what goes on up there, because it never fails that we have a cloudy sky on the night when something is happening :-)

Earlier in the evening, they were kind of giving a 50/50 chance of the sky being clear enough. I figured that I’d just show up and see what happens, so I set up my spot to watch ;-) I was gonna go outside to watch, but then I realized that I could see just as good out of our back window. It’s a big glass window that stretches over most of the back of the house and this side of the house is away from the street light, and it would be a better view. So I turned off all of the lights and lay down right up next to the window and gazed out at that awesome sky! I was in luck and got to see several streaks of light go across the sky. It was a great show and a perfect ending to the day!

To rewind a bit, earlier in the afternoon, Brit Boy and I went for a walk. I took a few photos that I’d like to share. In these photos you can get an idea of just how windswept it can be around here sometimes. The landscape in some areas of Wiltshire is very wide open. I thought that I'd share a bit of what some of the landscape looks like around where we live. The weather was quite breezy and cool yesterday and today too. I guess that autumn is on its way here soon. It certainly felt like it. :-) Anyway here are my pics that I took along our walk out in the fields of Wiltshire.

Above: Here's a cuckoo pic that I took of my reflection in a mud puddle ;-)

Above: And a bit of green along the way...

I hope that you enjoyed seeing a tiny bit of Wiltshire. Have a great weekend!


Ryan said...

After being told about the meteor shower by the various news channels, I waited up all night to experience it.....but guess what, it was cloudy up here.

I saw nothing!!! maybe next time.

Unknown said...

Wiltshire is beautiful. so peaceful. have a wonderful weekend :)

RE - RecycledFrockery said...

Beautiful snaps Dori. it looks like the great plains of kansas a bit. gorgeous scenery sure to make any walk seem like an adventure. missed the meteor shower by sleeping. yes I knowwww..

The Silver Age Sara said...

Beautiful photos Dori. I especially love the wide open vistas which I particularly love. I can imagine myself living here. Loved your puddle portrait :-)

Ryan said...
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ElizOF said...

Such beautiful pictures you've got there... Wiltshire in summer and those trees and flowers look fantastic. I live in the suburbs with trees and all but yours eally looks tranquil.
By the way, do you know I have a blogspot blog too called Positive Kismet? I am following you on Google freinds via that blog... Did you mention a second blog too? Will check. Congrats on the Diploma! I will leave you a comment on that post.
For the life of me, I thought I had subscribed to your feed. Will do it again now.

Brit Boy said...

I enjoyed our walk out immensely. We will have to do it again sometime - when it doesn't feel like the middle of winter! Great pics as always. x

Dori said...

I hear ya! :) It was kinda touch and go here for a while and then it cleared. As you said, maybe next time.

Yeah, I really did enjoy that walk. It was truly peaceful :)

I had someone else mention that on does look like the plains states doesn't it? Sorry you missed the meteor shower. I love your "yes I knowwww". lol.

Mountain Woman,
Thank you :) Yes, it's so wide open out there in that area. It's right down the way from a white horse carving on the hill. Glad you like my puddle portrait ;-)

Yeah, it's really tranquil out there. It's a trail that goes along a ridge so it's away from everything. Sadly I don't live right next to it. And hey, you live in beautiful surroundings. I love the photos on your blog! :) I will have to visit your blogspot so that I can keep up with you there :) Yes, I started an extra blog a short while back. I mostly put music there or whatever...just a pop culture outlet of sorts :) Eventually I'd like to put more writing there. Thanks for the congrats on my diploma! You are so sweet to support me like this. I will be returning that support too!

Brit Boy,
LOL. You're was rather breezy...ah the summertime on this island ;-) LOL. Oh how I enjoyed a bit of heat when I visited back home.