Monday, July 18, 2011

A Final to Remember

I just wanted to offer up a big congratulations to Japan for their win in the Women's World Cup yesterday! It was truly an amazing, nail-biting game and I just applaud everyone's athleticism on both the Japan and USA teams!

I watched the whole thing whilst checking Twitter every so often and it was so fun to feel that collective experience with everybody. I was cheering my loudest for the USA team of course :) I'll tell you one thing I loved though...seeing tweets from a wide variety of people across gender and everything else who were cheering for our team. It was great to see women being great at something and having the respect of so many. I've talked about that collective experience thing before and I think that every once in a while it is fun to be together like that...even if it's through technology ;-) I guess that it resonated with me a bit extra because I'm so far away from home and through Facebook and Twitter it's like I was at home in a way...watching with my niece. I'll just was cool to experience and Brit Boy had fun too!

The USA team didn't win, but I wasn't sad at the end because both teams had accomplished something important together...raising the profile of women in sports. Also, both teams showed that they were all amazing athletes. In the end, gender had nothing to do with it and I love that!

And I also wasn't sad because of one other thing, and I saw this over and over in other peoples' tweets. I'm so glad for Japan because this win is something that they can hold onto after all of the tragedy that they have had recently. I applaud the team because they never gave up in their quest to win. So my hat is off to them. Congratulations to Japan! :)

I thank both teams for giving us all a thriller of a final!


ElizOF said...

Congratulations to Japan... It was a great game and a well deserved win! :-)

Dori said...

Absolutely! :)