Friday, November 11, 2011

A Special Day

Now that I've completed my latest assignments for school and I'm FREE for a couple of days, I'm so glad to come back here to my blog. As I mentioned in my last post, I had planned on sharing some photos that I've taken recently, but I've decided to leave them for another day.

Today I'd just like to highlight this special day of 11-11-11. Today means so much to so many and I wanted to use my little corner of the internet to share what I am thinking about today in particular.

First, I'd like to add my voice to honoring those who have served our various countries. I remember them all and their sacrifices on this Veterans Day and Remembrance Day. I grew up knowing it as Veterans Day growing up in the United States and over here in the United Kingdom it is called Remembrance Day. But to me it doesn't matter what you call it...the respect comes from the same place.

And also, this day this year has an interesting significance. It is of course 11-11-11 and even though I've read some things here and there where people think it's just another day, I don't think that myself. I'm totally respectful to how other people feel...that's cool by me. But I just think that this day is cool. I mean, I won't ever live again to see a day, month, and year where it's all ones. And it may seem much ado about nothing to some, but for me, it is one of those times when I pause and realize how amazing life is and how much we are all a part of everything. I'm grateful to be alive everyday, but today I'm vibing off of being alive on this day when all the ones line up ;-) Sometimes things are just cool to think about and that's what I'm thinking about today!

Have a great Friday! :-)


Ivanhoe said...

Only once in 100 years! Let's enjoy the magic elevens :) Have a great weekend, Dori!

Duni said...

Oh I think today 11/11/11 is a totally significant day! I had a letter stamped with todays date and sent it to my brother who collects stamps :)
Hope you're doing great!

Dori said...

Absolutely! :) Loving those magical elevens! You have a great weekend too! :)

I love it! What a cool addition to his collection! I hope you enjoy this great day and have a great weekend! :)

A said...

I know! 11-11-11 is such a great date. Belated happy 11-11-11 to you Dori!

BLOGZOOM said...

Dear Dori. I share with you the same feelings about 11/11/11. I'm glad cos I'm alive and everyone and everything too. I am grateful to God because right now I can write for you. On this date, I was not worried, but do not know about 12-21-2012, because of the Mayan Prophecy... I am praying,

On the Remembrance Day: It is necessary to continue the demonstrations on this date, because a people without memory there is nothing and run the risk of making mistakes again.


Dori said...

It was fantastic wasn't it? :) And Belated Happy 11-11-11 to you too!

We're spiritual sisters for sure :) I'm with you, I wonder about December of 2012 too. We shall see. I do think though that it all has something to do with a spiritual awakening rather than a catastrophe. That is what I'm praying and I will pray along with you my friend :) You are so right about the remembering...we must continue. Hugs and love to you!