Monday, November 07, 2011

Study and Writing Week

I hope that everyone's weekend was good. Mine was good. I took a trip into town with Brit Boy on Saturday and it was fun to get out and window shop. Other than that, we hung out around home and caught up on some television and in between I finished up some reading for school.

The photo above shows my continuously growing pile of books, notebooks, folders, etc that I use for my schoolwork. I figured that I'd just post a photo that illustrates what my week will be all about ;-) I'm looking forward to a bit of freedom on Friday and being able to do a proper post here. I have some photos that I want to share when I can put the time in on Friday. So I hope that you'll stop back by to visit me! I just wanted to drop by to say hello and thank you for still coming by here even when I can't do a full post sometimes because of my studies.

In other news, we're headed into the holiday season, so I will definitely be sharing some cooking triumphs and mess-ups on here. I love photographing food...LOL. Maybe I'm just hungry ;-)

Anyway, I'm headed back to the books and I'll see you Friday. Until next time...


Ivanhoe said...

Hey Dori!
Keep studying. We will be here :) Can I request some pictures of dressed up windows in stores? You know when they get them ready for Christmas? I miss that European window shopping :)
Have a great week!

BLOGZOOM said...

You know what we both have in common? A pile of books to read plus folders and archive documents!

Dori, I love photographing food too!! God! I cannot feel hungry cos I am in diet!
I spend the day with stomach-aching ... kkkkkkk


Dori said...

I'm keeping it up. Thanks for the support :) I will keep my eyes open for dressed up Christmas windows, but so far I haven't seen much and some are decorated for Christmas already. I hate that we can't afford to go to London or some place like that because I imagine that they will have more dressed up windows like you want to see :) I will keep a look out though wherever I go and share some pics if I find anything! I know that you're going to NYC. I hope that you can check out some of the windows when you are there too :) I'll keep you posted! Have a great weekend!

I love it that we share that pile of books and folders and things :) I do love my piles of books even when they're not for research for school too...I always have a pile right next to my bed :) Yes, photographing food is the best and then eating it. LOL. I love that we share these things in common. Hugs!

A said...

I hear you. I have piles of books everywhere!

Dori said...

Kindred spirit :-)