Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Wish For You

Hello all! I just wanted to share this photo that I found yesterday on Jody Watley's wall on Facebook. She posted it and invited others to share it, so I am :-) I thought that it was great and so I wanted to post it here. So much negativity is out there everyday, so it's nice to share something good! Therefore, please feel free to share this if you like!

Have a great day!


Ivanhoe said...

Just what doctor ordered :) Have a great Wednesday, Dori!

AWJ said...

This is beautiful and just what I needed. Thanks for sharing. :)

BLOGZOOM said...


The words are perfect to be shared. We must pass ideas of optimism to one another.


Dori said...

Ivanhoe, Athena, Sissym: I'm so glad that these words have comforted you all as they did for me too :) It's so fun to pass these good vibes along! Have a great weekend ladies!

Mike Golch said...

cool and so getting swiped.

Dori said...

Cool...swipe away! :)