Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anniversary Piercings

This is a double post day! Yay! ;-) In addition to my oohing and aahing over the pearl jewelry in my previous post, I've also been marking this day in jewelry history on a personal note. Lol. You see, today is the 36th anniversary of me getting my ears pierced when I was a little girl. Let's say it together...awwwww. I know that you're probably wondering why or how it is that I remember this exact day since at that point in my life I was basically only having elementary school thoughts dancing in my head ;-) Well, I have a thing for dates and anniversaries and even though I don't consciously make note of many of them, my brain has a way of catologuing them. It's my thing I guess. Although this particular milestone in my life is the exception to that rule. I do remember thinking to myself on that warm day that I wanted to remember this day just out of the blue.

I guess that the day stands out also because of how my piercing was done. My ears were pierced at home and one sister did one ear and one sister pierced the other ear. The first sister freaked out a little bit after she did the first one so the other sister took over. I wish that I had video of that! If I did I'd be posting it here. LOL. Oh, those zany times! Gotta love em!

So I just thought that I would share my little milestone with you and give you all a glimpse of how my mind is like a catalogue. Have a great day! ;-)


BLOGZOOM said...


I'm dying laughing ..... Congratulations!! ahahahahahhhhhh

I do not have the courage to put another piercings.

I also remember about the details in my life and they are very old.
I got my ears pierced when I was 10. I can remember the whole scene .... kkkkk ... My father made that and the right ear was pierced in the wrong place! So I spent over 30 years without repair it and therefore, I could only wear earrings small. I never used big earring. I was scared to death always! kkkk
When I got divorced I decided to fix many things that were bothering me, and the first thing I did was getting my ear pierced in the right place!

Memories of the past! :)


A said...

Well, happy anniversary Dori :-)
I git mine pierced when I was 12(ish) but I don't remember the date.