Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Color in the Garden

I just wanted to share some more signs of spring around the Yellow House :-) These are some of the beautiful crocuses that are growing outside. I never have to do anything and they just reveal themselves. I love that they just pop up when they're ready! Nature is beautiful!


BLOGZOOM said...

Dear Dori,

They are so simple and so beautiful!


Ivanhoe said...

It has been so warm around here that I suspect we have some blooms around, too. I just have to go "hunt" them down :)
Enjoy your spring, Dori!

ElizOF said...

Such pretty little flowers... I love spring. ;-)

Dori said...

Yes, simple and beautiful :)

I hope you have a great hunt! Happy Spring! :)

Yes, they always make me happy. Happy Spring! :)