Monday, March 26, 2012

Rejuvenating Sundays

I had a good weekend. How was yours? :) We went into town to do some food shopping on Saturday and then Sunday, Brit Boy and I enjoyed our separate pursuits.

Brit Boy went to a football/soccer match on Sunday and I got the chance to have a Sunday like I haven't had in a long time. We love each other and enjoy spending time together, but as you all know, it's nice to have your own 'me' time sometimes. I was happy that he was able to go off and have his sporty day with his friends, just like I loved my day of doing just what I wanted to do...even if that was enjoying doing nothing ;-)

The photo above shows you a bit of my day...a little snapshot (things landed on the table in shifts, but here's a bit of what lived on the table for a bit of the day). I sat here in my favorite chair and had this little table beside me as I painted my nails, listened to my ipod, watched tv, had a snack, and kept my notepad nearby to jot stuff down. I like jotting stuff down in notebooks. I always have :-) I sometimes just draw a little picture or write a snippet of something I hope to turn into a story someday...I just love having a notepad nearby so that I can doodle or's one of my things that I like to do. Having this time on Sunday made me realize that I need to hang out with my notebook a bit more ;-)

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday with no need to cook lunch or dinner or plan anything. It was a good rejuvenation and I needed it! By the time Brit Boy returned I was renewed. He came back home in the evening and had enjoyed the day out in London. And after having separate pursuits for the day, we were able to come together once again in the end...

I hope everybody enjoyed their weekends too! :-)


Ivanhoe said...

I have a 3 day weekends now so I do all the "house work" & errands on Fridays and then enjoy the weekend! Wanted to go to see the Hunger Games, but ended up staying in pj's all day Sunday :)

BLOGZOOM said...

Dear Dori, everyone needs to have preserved their individuality. A little time for yourself is essential.


Dori said...

Oh, I know you love your three day weekends :) That's the way to do it...get the housework out of the way on Fridays. I love days like your Sunday...pj's all day! Sounds great! I'm hoping to go see Hunger Games tonight. Have a great day my friend :)

Absolutely...just what I was saying...we all need that 'me' time. It certainly rejuvenates the spirit. Hugs to you my friend :)

A said...

Sounds like a lovely Sunday Dori :-)

Dori said...

It was :) Thanks for visiting me!

A Golden Life... said...

Hola, Dori!

I love this post and the writing, which reads like a delightful, catch-up conversation. Truly, when we make time for ourselves in a marriage, the coming together again is sensational. YESSSSS

Say hello to Brit Boy for me.

I'd be remiss if I didn't admit I ADORED the PHOTO as well. What a vicarious pleasure! Just dropped me off into your world there in England, a land I must visit one fine day!

And the cookies in your cookie post look so DELICIOUS I can feel myself going into a three-year-old tantrum...for not having a heaping platter on my writing desk now. But...I contain myself! Perhaps I'll get that tub of ice cream I promised myself last weekend...tomorrow! :-)

Que tengas una hermosa noche!


Dori said...

Hello Claudia!
I'm so pleased that you liked my post and my writing. And you are so right...alone time makes for great coming together ;-)

I will say hello to Brit Boy for you. And I'd love to show you around England one day when you get here. I feel like turning into a three year old over those cookies right now myself. Lol. I wish I had a couple! Thanks so much for visiting me. Hugs! :)