Monday, May 14, 2012

Olympic News and Weekends

Hello there! This is a short post just to check in and say that I hope that everyone had a great weekend. Mine was good after a frenzied week of trying to write my umpteenth essay for school ;-) I gave myself the gift of a break this weekend before I plow headlong into more studying and writing. It has been hard I will admit, but it will be rewarding in the end. I know that I'm doing just what I need to be doing at this point in my life :-) I'm way behind on basically everything it seems including tending to my blog which I love. Thank you for continuing to visit me here even though I've been quite sporadic lately. But I know that once I get past this next month, I will be able to come here and hang out more.

So many things have passed by that I wanted to write about here, including the lighting of the Olympic flame in Greece the other day. I know this may seem like a random thing to want to mention in the scheme of things, but I want to mention it because Brit Boy and I are going to the Olympics in London. We're both looking forward to it and this will be my second time going to the Olympics. I was lucky to get to go to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and it was fantastic and I got to enjoy it in my home state. So now, I think it's such a wonderful thing to be getting the chance to go again. It was hard to get tickets, and it's been a long time coming, but we finally got some tickets after a couple of tries. I will most definitely be sharing some photos of our adventures in August.

I didn't want to let that milestone of the torch lighting get too far in the past, because I wanted to share my news and let you know that I'll be sharing some pics. I'm really grateful to get this chance again. I look forward to it.

Now it's back to my school work. One more thing though. Brit Boy and I went for a walk this past Saturday and I took some nature shots of those beautiful green woods that we saw. I will get the pics up this week and share a bit of Wiltshire, England here on my blog.

Have a great day everyone and I'll be back with the pics !

Until next time...


Athena said...

Great score with the Olympics tickets! And it's really something else that this will be your *second* time attending the Olympics.

I look forward to pictures. :)

Ivanhoe said...

Oh Dori! Wish I was there with you! Olympics certainly are on my bucket list :)

BLOGZOOM said...

Dear Dori, which games you and your husband will watch?
It should be exciting twist live!
I want to visit London soon and I know that I will treasure.
The city must be beautiful, ready to receive thousands of tourists and athletes from all over the world.

Dori said...

Yes, we're really excited! We got them a few months back and I'm excited for when we get them in hand :) I feel so lucky to get a second chance to go! I'll definitely be sharing some pics. That's what I love about having a can really share :) Have a great weekend!

I wish you could be here too...that would be grand! I'd love to hang out! Here's hoping that your Olympic dream comes true soon. Have a great weekend my friend :)

We're going to see basketball, athletics, and swimming. We couldn't believe our luck. I hope that you get your trip to London soon. We will have to meet when you get here! Hugs to you! :)

BLOGZOOM said...

Today I was chatting with a friend who lives in London, he will help me organize my trip so that it is not expensive to me and I can enjoy. I want to know you, is in my plans. There is the possibility of going in October, I just do not know if it's one month rainy. I want to be able to walk far.

I feel happy that you will see what I love so much! I love just them!


Dori said...

That is great news! I'd love to meet you in London! Just keep me posted on when you will be here and I hope that you can have a less rainy time when you're here! Hugs! :-)