Friday, May 18, 2012

Remembering Donna Summer

I want to pay tribute today to the beautiful and oh so talented Donna Summer. As many of you know, she passed away yesterday from cancer. Like everyone else, when I saw this sad news I was shocked and saddened and simultaneously so many memories came flooding into my mind. It sounds cliché nowadays, but when artists like Ms. Summer pass away, we do remember their work as a soundtrack to our lives. Donna Summer was known as the Queen of Disco and she was definitely that...but she was also truly an AWESOME singer!

When I saw on Twitter that she had passed, my mind immediately went back to my seventies childhood and wanting to be a combination of Donna Summer, Diana Ross, and Chaka Khan J . I always imagined that I was this great singer when I was a child even though I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. But I let it rip anyway. I would tie pieces of cloth around myself in elaborate styles and fashion myself an evening dress. Then I would go out into our yard and stand on this huge rock that was my stage and I’d sing Donna Summer songs to our cats. The cats would ignore me or run away, but I was gettin’ down! Some of her songs had saucy lyrics, but in the 70s it was about the party and it wasn't about over analyzing everything. It was just fun and great music! When she brought out “She Works Hard for the Money” when I was a teen, I had dropped the makeshift dress and climbed down off that rock, but I was still singing along!

Donna Summer sang so many great songs and if you go on Youtube, they are all there to enjoy forever and that is a great thing! She will be truly missed, but her music will live on and that is the beauty of music.

Some of my favorite Donna Summer songs are: "I Feel Love", "She Works Hard for the Money", "Bad Girls", and "Last Dance".

"Last Dance" (below) is my all-time favorite song by her and it's the first song that popped into my head when I heard that she had made her transition. It showcases her beautiful voice and it makes you want to dance!

Rest in peace beautiful Donna Summer...


CocoHoney said...

Nice article! I love to hear about your childhood memories!

These were good times in the seventies, even though, I don't remember much. The energy of the memory of it is great!

My older brother share stories of those times when he's feeling "extra special" and I become jealous:)

Again thank you for the memories...

A said...

I was sad to hear she passed away. She was so great. "Hot stuff" was my favorite.

Dori said...

I can relate to you hearing about those times from your older was the same for me in many ways and as you said, that energy is powerful :) I was a little kid during her 70s heyday, but you know the power of older siblings and how they shape our musical tastes, so I cottoned onto what they played and made it my own :) I was a theatrical little kid...thank goodness I couldn't sing really or I would have never sat down. LOL. I'm so glad you enjoyed my memories!

Yes she was! And ooh, I loved "Hot Stuff" too! I love that we can honor her memory together :)

Mike Golch said...

May she Rest In Peace. I did a tribute to her as is this weeks 5 On Friday.over on my Mike's Place blog.

BLOGZOOM said...


Dear friend, how I danced to her songs so much! I loved hearing her!

She was a diva. Simply immortal.