Monday, May 21, 2012

Some Wiltshire Scenery

Hello all! I hope that everyone had a good weekend. Mine was good. It was more of a quiet weekend than the one before, which is good sometimes. Today I wanted to share some of the photos that I promised to share from our previous weekend. These are photos from May 12th that I took when we went for our outing in the woods that Saturday. I thought that I'd start out with some photos of the drive down there. I love taking pictures of clouds and that day the weather was beautiful and we had these fluffy clouds just gliding by. Also I thought it would be fun to share what it looks like on the drive further south in Wiltshire. I'll share the photos of the very pretty woods in another post. 

The first two photos are just a bit of what it looks like as you drive further out into the countryside. I love driving down there and away from all the hustle and bustle of town life. 

These next two were taken on the edge of Avebury...home of an arrangement of stones, similar to Stonehenge. The first one is the view driving into Avebury and the second one is on the other side as you're driving out of the village. The yellow field that is visible in the distance in the second photo is a field of rapeseed

And this last photo really needs no's a field of sheep. They graze around Avebury and they are a tranquil sight to see :-) I'll be back with more photos from that fun day out and I hope that you all have a great day!


Ivanhoe said...

Oh the English countryside! Missing Europe quite a bit :)
Hugs from Ohio,

ElizOF said...

Such beautiful photos.. They bring back memories of time spent on a country road in the UK. TY! :-)

BLOGZOOM said...


I also love to watch the clouds, especially those that seem just fluffy clouds gliding by.
The last one... it is so cute! It seems a composition because of sheeps!

Hugs soft!

Dori said...

Ivanhoe,ElizOF, and Sissym,
I'm so glad that you all enjoyed the photos. I'll be back to share more! :)