Friday, September 21, 2012

Final Roses

As I mentioned yesterday, we have a few roses finishing off the season around the Yellow House. I've shared some photos of these lovely roses before, but they are always so exquisite that I just love sharing them here :-) I've been playing with Photoshop as you can tell ;-) I decided to present our pretty roses in another light for a change of pace. I think that this one is the last of all of them. I took this photo the other day and this lovely flower has already started its fading as I type this. The leaves are starting to fall away, but that is the way of life as the seasons change as you know. So as we head into autumn/fall, I hope you can smell the sweetness of this beautiful rose and I hope that it reminds you of the joys and memories of your summer!

Have a great weekend! :-)


Mike Golch said...

thanks for share that cool photo.

BLOGZOOM said...

I love roses, plant and see sprout! The perfume is delicate and the colors too!

Ivanhoe said...

So pretty! My Knockout bush will bloom until October :)

Dori said...

You're welcome and thanks for visiting me my friend! :)

I'm with you...I love roses too! Hugs :)

I bet your rose are lovely! Hugs :)