Thursday, October 04, 2012

Misplaced Wires


I wanted to stop by to say hi. I've been studying quite a bit over the last few days, but I wanted to take a moment to check in here. As I said in my previous post, I'm feeling rather chatty lately, so I want to get here to my blog. I've been taking some photos that I wanted to share too, but guess what...I've misplaced my camera wire. Ugh! As I typed that I just thought of where I had it last, so once I finish this short post, I'm gonna go look for it where I think it might be hiding. This is quite out of character for me to misplace things like that since I'm kinda particular about putting things back where I got them. Maybe I'm slipping. LOL.

Anyway, in my next post, I'll share some photos that I've taken...nothing spectacular, but I like sharing photos of everyday life. I used to do that a lot in the past here, so I want to get back to doing that :-)

Talk to you later!

Dori ~ From a Yellow House


Sandra Rose Hughes said...

Gotta love technology!

Ivanhoe said...

Hi! Glad to "see" you again! I'm back to school as well so I know all about studying and homework :)
Do you have a laptop? You maybe able to just stick in your memory card, just like me. No need for wires or cables...
Hugs from Ohio,

Dori said...

Absolutely! LOL. Thanks for visiting me! :)

Congrats on going back to school! Yes, I do have laptop and after I read your comment I smacked my forehead...of course. I'm gonna check my laptop and see if I have the right slot. Thanks so much for the tip. Hugs from England! :-)