Friday, October 26, 2012


This is another one of my posts about my life or about something around the house. This is the view in my kitchen window today. It's a grey, windy, cold day here and these beautiful roses are on the drab and dead side now too...or so it seems. I say or so it seems because to me they are still as beautiful and alive as the day that my husband gave them to me. Several days ago now, he was outside cutting the grass for one last time this year and trimming things back. I was inside doing something else and I heard a tap on the back window...and there he was with this little bunch of roses for me :-) I've often shared photos of these beautiful roses at their height of blooming and these were the very last ones for the year.
These faded roses will probably sit in the kitchen window in some form or fashion for all of the fall and winter and into the spring...probably always. I think that I'll pluck off the deadest bit right in the center and keep the buds for a very long time and let them dry out. I always want to remember the beauty of them in full bloom on the day he gave them to me and I want to remember the love that surrounded the giving in the first place, so faded or not...I love them! :-)
Have a great weekend everyone!


Ivanhoe said...

Nicely said, Dori! It is also a good reminder how precious and short life is. Enjoy every minute :)
Hugs from Ohio,

BLOGZOOM said...

I'm always sad to see a flower wilting. So, I try to buy ones that I can plant a gardener.


Dori said...

So is so precious and we should relish it everyday. Hugs! :)

Yes, I love to plant flowers too. I know yours are beautiful. Hugs! :)