Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Hot Summer Day

Today is the hottest day of the year so far here in the UK and I'm REJOICING!!!!

Listen, okay...it's causing me to sweat a lot, but I'm so HAPPY because this is such a rarity where I live here in the UK :)  I come from a place where hot summer days are a sure thing and often you're usually chasing a cool spot. Lol. It can be hot as heck back home!!! The summers are hot and yes there are cold winters there too. However, I'm a summer person so I love the warmth even when it's really hot, because my bones don't hurt so much when it's sunny and anyway that's what they make popsicles and fans for ;-)

Coming from a hot place, I must admit that I took the warmth for granted. But after over a decade on this side of the pond, I truly appreciate a hot summer day like I never thought that I would :)

So today as I sweat it out a bit, get my water intake up, and see my skin glisten, I'll be rejoicing about all of this warmth and sunshine and these beautiful blue skies!!!

Warm summer weather looks good on you UK!! :)

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