Monday, August 01, 2016

Happy August

It's a bit rainy today, here in my corner of Wiltshire. It feels more like early autumn right now, instead of the first day of August, but I'm okay with it. I have no choice, right? ;-) Usually by this time of the year I'm wearing a sweater and wishing that we'd have had at least a bit of warm during the earlier days of summer. Well this year has been different. We actually had some really warm...downright hot weather during July, so I'm satisfied...a bit of proper summer like my hubby would say :) So it's all good.

I took the photo above this morning. I love how the spiderwebs in the trees hold the raindrops and they're suspended in the act of dropping from the sky. I love nature's gentle, simple beauty.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!
Happy August!

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