Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thursday Tree

This is mostly a photo post, just because I love trees!!!

I posted this photo on Instagram today. 

The sky was so blue with a few fluffy clouds that passed by breezily. This tree was glorious as it shimmered in beautiful bright green and danced in the breeze. 

I had a shaky start this morning because I woke up thinking about my sister and missing her...I allowed myself to feel the loss and I sat with my feelings and then I smiled, because I thought of her and us laughing and the memories saved me. 

This gorgeous tree dancing in the afternoon sunlight
made me think of my sister. She loved trees too.

What a beautiful day!


BLOGZOOM said...

Well, the time goes fast... Happy Friday dear Dori.

Dori said...


Yes, time goes so fast. Happy Friday...Happy weekend my friend :)