Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cranky Computers and Hitting the Books

Hi there! I just wanted to check in and say hello. I'm currently in the middle of studying for my exams, so I'm not able to post here like I wish I could. I'll get my other photos up that I promised to share very soon. By June 15th I will be finished with my exams and then I will be a posting fool :-) Of course there's also something else keeping me from posting, even if I didn't have exams. You see, my laptop has decided to stop working, so I can't get to my photos and things. So please wish me luck that we can get my laptop fixed and that all will be well. I'm using Brit Boy's laptop right now, so I have a small bit of internet access. Yay!

Anyway, I look forward to getting back here soon with my laptop and photos all in tact. Now it's back to studying. Thanks for continuing to visit me here!

Until next time...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Some Wiltshire Scenery

Hello all! I hope that everyone had a good weekend. Mine was good. It was more of a quiet weekend than the one before, which is good sometimes. Today I wanted to share some of the photos that I promised to share from our previous weekend. These are photos from May 12th that I took when we went for our outing in the woods that Saturday. I thought that I'd start out with some photos of the drive down there. I love taking pictures of clouds and that day the weather was beautiful and we had these fluffy clouds just gliding by. Also I thought it would be fun to share what it looks like on the drive further south in Wiltshire. I'll share the photos of the very pretty woods in another post. 

The first two photos are just a bit of what it looks like as you drive further out into the countryside. I love driving down there and away from all the hustle and bustle of town life. 

These next two were taken on the edge of Avebury...home of an arrangement of stones, similar to Stonehenge. The first one is the view driving into Avebury and the second one is on the other side as you're driving out of the village. The yellow field that is visible in the distance in the second photo is a field of rapeseed

And this last photo really needs no's a field of sheep. They graze around Avebury and they are a tranquil sight to see :-) I'll be back with more photos from that fun day out and I hope that you all have a great day!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Remembering Donna Summer

I want to pay tribute today to the beautiful and oh so talented Donna Summer. As many of you know, she passed away yesterday from cancer. Like everyone else, when I saw this sad news I was shocked and saddened and simultaneously so many memories came flooding into my mind. It sounds cliché nowadays, but when artists like Ms. Summer pass away, we do remember their work as a soundtrack to our lives. Donna Summer was known as the Queen of Disco and she was definitely that...but she was also truly an AWESOME singer!

When I saw on Twitter that she had passed, my mind immediately went back to my seventies childhood and wanting to be a combination of Donna Summer, Diana Ross, and Chaka Khan J . I always imagined that I was this great singer when I was a child even though I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. But I let it rip anyway. I would tie pieces of cloth around myself in elaborate styles and fashion myself an evening dress. Then I would go out into our yard and stand on this huge rock that was my stage and I’d sing Donna Summer songs to our cats. The cats would ignore me or run away, but I was gettin’ down! Some of her songs had saucy lyrics, but in the 70s it was about the party and it wasn't about over analyzing everything. It was just fun and great music! When she brought out “She Works Hard for the Money” when I was a teen, I had dropped the makeshift dress and climbed down off that rock, but I was still singing along!

Donna Summer sang so many great songs and if you go on Youtube, they are all there to enjoy forever and that is a great thing! She will be truly missed, but her music will live on and that is the beauty of music.

Some of my favorite Donna Summer songs are: "I Feel Love", "She Works Hard for the Money", "Bad Girls", and "Last Dance".

"Last Dance" (below) is my all-time favorite song by her and it's the first song that popped into my head when I heard that she had made her transition. It showcases her beautiful voice and it makes you want to dance!

Rest in peace beautiful Donna Summer...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Olympic News and Weekends

Hello there! This is a short post just to check in and say that I hope that everyone had a great weekend. Mine was good after a frenzied week of trying to write my umpteenth essay for school ;-) I gave myself the gift of a break this weekend before I plow headlong into more studying and writing. It has been hard I will admit, but it will be rewarding in the end. I know that I'm doing just what I need to be doing at this point in my life :-) I'm way behind on basically everything it seems including tending to my blog which I love. Thank you for continuing to visit me here even though I've been quite sporadic lately. But I know that once I get past this next month, I will be able to come here and hang out more.

So many things have passed by that I wanted to write about here, including the lighting of the Olympic flame in Greece the other day. I know this may seem like a random thing to want to mention in the scheme of things, but I want to mention it because Brit Boy and I are going to the Olympics in London. We're both looking forward to it and this will be my second time going to the Olympics. I was lucky to get to go to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and it was fantastic and I got to enjoy it in my home state. So now, I think it's such a wonderful thing to be getting the chance to go again. It was hard to get tickets, and it's been a long time coming, but we finally got some tickets after a couple of tries. I will most definitely be sharing some photos of our adventures in August.

I didn't want to let that milestone of the torch lighting get too far in the past, because I wanted to share my news and let you know that I'll be sharing some pics. I'm really grateful to get this chance again. I look forward to it.

Now it's back to my school work. One more thing though. Brit Boy and I went for a walk this past Saturday and I took some nature shots of those beautiful green woods that we saw. I will get the pics up this week and share a bit of Wiltshire, England here on my blog.

Have a great day everyone and I'll be back with the pics !

Until next time...

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Super Full Moon

Here's an interesting video that I found about the Super Full Moon that will be visible tonight (May 5th). The video isn't too long so I hope that you'll take a look. I'm fascinated by the full moon, so having a bigger visual to look at is right up my alley! When I was back home, even when it was just the normal full moon, I loved to go outside into our field and take a look at all of that gorgeousness :-) There is just something so calming and extraordinary about a full moon. It makes me feel like I'm truly a part of the human experience, because I realize that I'm not the first and I won't be the last to gaze up at it and that binds me with everyone who ever looked up at the moon. Also, I just love having that moment to stand and just contemplate whatever crosses my mind in that moment...or I don't have to think about anything at all. That is the beauty!

So I will be watching and I hope that the weather cooperates and gives us a clear sky for a while here. But even if the clouds don't disappear, I will still know it's there :-) I hope that you'll join me! Have a great weekend and happy Super Full Moon night to you!


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Salad Talk

I got up this morning with the thought that I wanted to start the new month off right with a new post on my blog. The trouble was that I couldn’t think of anything to talk about. LOL. I have some thoughts about future posts, but those thoughts haven’t gelled fully in order for me to write about those things. So I just decided to let it go, because I knew that something would pop into my head even if it is just one of my random posts. Fortunately, my inspiration came in the form of lunch!

This is the salad that I had for lunch and it was SO tasty!

Every since I’ve been having to study so much each day for school, I have sometimes ended up skipping lunch or eating whatever is around. But that way I ended up either starving or sick from eating something weird. Lol. So over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to make a better effort at making lunch for myself. I always eat breakfast, usually cereal or oatmeal, and then I make a decent dinner for me and Brit Boy, but I was neglecting lunch. I knew that I had to do better when I found myself eating dinner like a cavewoman because I was famished. Lol. It was not pretty. So I decided to rescue my poor stomach and make a more regular lunch for myself. You’ll be happy to know that I’ve learned my lesson! It’s all good now. I’m remembering how I was raised ;-)

You know I love blogging about food, so I’ll share what it consisted of.

My ingredients: mixed lettuce, scallions/spring onions, a few chunks of cheddar cheese, and some beets on the side. I splashed it with a little bit of vinaigrette dressing after I took the photo.

This whole salad talk has got me to thinking about a conversation that I had with my sister on Skype the other day. We were talking about our love of salads and she said that she could eat salad everyday if she had to. She knows how to lay out a salad! We’re gonna have to have a nice salad together on my next visit home :-)

I will say this...I could definitely eat a salad just like the one I had today several times a week. I do like this lunch thing...I wonder what I can have tomorrow????

Until next time...